The report or article is showing That amino acids and a diet of certain things can help nourish and heal the body out of the pattern.

A trauma makes a mark in the nervous system. Like a whap make a ripple across the water. Water can hold the energy of words. Grief is an energy. Words spoken make patterns in us that either keep us rising or keep us down.

If we don’t understand how to Patterson got started? How can we even change it and better yet teach to avoid them? PTSD is something that can be avoided. But we must be responsible for our part in actually cause it. War. We all have agreed war is the way to deal with conflicts.

Collagen peptide worlds great to soften everything in the body so change can be easier. And also makes the processing work better too. Diatomaceous earth helps too. Why? Because it is what the body needs to make collagen itself? And no one eats it? We are made of dirt? And it’s loaded with silica. Calcium

31? And more. These things we can eat and yet are so ignorant of their benefits we don’t use them daily? I’ve used diatomaceous to help folks with stomach aches and it work in seconds. Non toxic. No perception? Natural? Like the organic mechanism we live in called a body? A mammal?

And if we don’t keep our minds soft? We what? What happened to Lots wife? She turned into what? And we get stuck doing what? Looking where? Back? Yes. Which is where I am pointing at wish my family that seems to be recycling some kind of energy? Like a whirlpool.

Not to worry. I am here to help us. All. PTSD is due to many shocking unexpected, events, actions that leave a pattern of a strange vibration from days gone by. Jello when hit with a fork or jammed into a container will just fit and squish in?

As much as my family is see I am asking them to change is as much as I am changing with them? I’m looking at all the sides. And if folks wanna say something they see? Well good?

About me coming home. That’s like a very long feedback loop. Mama sent me away like a boomerang. And back i came at my perfect time. Boom. And folks feel disrupted. And I’m like yeah. I felt the same way. Karma is that loop Mama sent out and has slap her on her ass. But she’s lucky? I’m here to help her navigate? She didn’t really? Give that to me now did she? No.

But? We don’t return like for like. Eye for eye now do we? Not if we are gonna end it here and now are we? No. We rage against the pattern with a new pattern now don’t we? Yeah. Like snap!! Grace. Stops that pattern dead. Shit happens. Mama didn’t know. Now she does. The only blame is to not accept that affect and get to know the girl who have to survive and thrive from that affect.

No room for loosing in my mind? Even if folks call me crazy? And tell me to go away like a dog. That’s say more about them now doesn’t it than me who keeps trying to just visited with my preps? “Can’t even drink tea!!” True words Chelsie? You know me baby. I just don’t back down when shits got to get cleaned up. Some jobs are huge! Like stop. I’m working to accept this! Look at it! You know me! What the hell!

When I ask for folks to clean up and they don’t? I clean. Didn’t you tell them dear? How I clean? I throw shit out! I rearrange shit! I get fired up! Get under the bed? And if ya can’t clean? Don’t complain cuz I do! Drive me crazy.

So. Clean family. Can’t back this crazy train down. Be mad at Mama for making me. Or maybe give the woman the respect she due? Cuz I have darling sisters? I found her. I came home. I dared to be brave and face your asses. And Mamas. I showed my kids how important you all were to me.

Look at yourselves will ya on this Christmas Day and no one helped her with me? Look at yourselves if you don’t help an orphan trying to get home for the holidays. The shame is on this nation for separating me from her. And now your hands are also dirty for doing nothing about it.

If you can’t follow this one after fours years of hounding? Must we wander for 26 more years family?

James 1:27 New International Version (NIV)

27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after<sup class=”crossreference” data-cr=”#cen-NIV-30294A” data-link=”(A)” style=”font-size: 0.625em; line-height: 22px; vertical-align: top”> orphans and widows<sup class=”crossreference” data-cr=”#cen-NIV-30294B” data-link=”(B)” style=”font-size: 0.625em; line-height: 22px; vertical-align: top”> in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Mama. I am working on this. Please have faith and keep praying these folks? And the world needs to see. I hope you see. How much I care.

Am I not orphaned and separated from you this holiday? Has anyone helped us? Am I asking for help publicly? From my own Mama? Have not I been called crazy? And also denied the help I as a 55 year old woman know what I need? Yeah.

Why would a therapist be able to get me my Mama? More strangers? Come on? This is what upsets me about adoption. A child asks for her Mama her whole life and everyone says no. What did I do so bad to deserve this? What?

Merry Christmas’s to those of us who are still denied our human rights in front of a world that’s turned into a bully for love sake. I do this for us all. Home. How hard can going home be?

The world should watch this unfold and learn what’s done and what I must go through to have what is my birthright still my and what is denied by law? Make sense? No. It does not. Fix that please!!



I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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