I guess

I guess I felt like my boundaries were invaded the day I drove home with a stranger I would learn was now Mom. I guess I felt a bit hopeless, threatened. I was just a part of someone who felt like me? I mean I was her before I was born.

This woman’s breath stinks? Mamas smelled so good. And her body odor is weird? Makes me kind of sick to my stomach. “No, Mommy, I don’t want to stand in the same stall as you. I want my own please.” I didn’t get my own.

I really don’t like the way she rocks me. Mama used to sing a bit. I loved that. I miss her so much. But I have to learn my words to explain this. I must be good. So Mama will be proud of how brave I am being. This woman needs love. I share my love for Mama with her. She’s gonna love it. And she did. For a while.

Then I started to grow. And I wasn’t talking right? Damn it. I know I shouldn’t cus. But my mind and mouth don’t seem to work? Mama not gonna like that when I find her. I’ll have to work at this real hard. I hope I don’t get labeled. Like the other kids do. “New Mommy, please don’t let me be labeled, ill work hard and fix this.” How did this happen?

The doctors don’t seem to see? What’s up with me? They think theirs something wrong with me? There is. It’s where I be? Where is Mama. I wish she would come? Lord please send her. You know where I am. Surely you can send her. Please? I’ll be good to prove I’m worthy. Thank you lord. I know you love me and this is all a mistake? Surely. It’s seems like a long way.

For a gift to have to travel to be given to Mama? Lord please tell her and show her how much I love her. Please help me talk right so she will get me? It seems like I’m broken but I know what’s inside me. I just can’t seem to speak right? I feel all left.

I’m pretty sure I am a lefty. And they changed me which made matters worse. Where is me and they anyway? Who am I? I have to look deep within me as I’m walking along a creek. Lord please tell me who I be?

It wasn’t until I was in my thirties a woman would tell me who I be. I be Linda. And it was then I could see. Her all up in me. And now it was she that could see. Herself in me? It’s seemed that something changed me and mentally rearranged me? I looked Cookey and spokey to my own Mommy? How can this be? Oh Linda it’s me?

Oh damn it all down to hell. I’ve got the keys but she won’t answer her hearts bell? It’s a spell cast by a demon. It’s locked her inside and is steaming. I came back like he or she knew that I would. And I’ve got the keys just like Jesus stool from the hood of demons when hanging he said it is finished. Damn you all to hell! I yell with a thunder! To hell with Chris Crinkle that is my Mother!

Be gone thou fowl demons that lied to my precious old lady! She’s not a pinto! She’s a Mercedes!! A lady! Like Mary but greater. She my Mother and no other. I climbed to the roof where Mama should not go? And clamored and clapped like thunder! Be gone foul demons from down under! You don’t belong here! Go! No need for Ho Ho! My moms not a hoe!

And Damn all you who said so and that is your sentence. Either change your ways now or next like your an orphan.

I guess I am learning I am boundless. This life’s made me limitless. Years of holding made me strong when I was scolded. Over and over for loving my own Mother! And the sick thing? Is she agreed. Thought Hod wiped her name of the records kept in the blood in her daughter. No need for paper or ink pen. Just a clean syringe.

Adoptees today we are ready. We’ve weathered this storm. We are strong for the winds that have tossed us to the shores of our homelands to take back what was taken from us with no right too. Human rights ours were violated at our Mothers own hand forcibly thrust into a part that was not hers to give away her gift, and labeled unworthy to raise us? Disguised is said lightly. Human rights are by birthright. This scam is now had by one of its own clan.

Mark my words this day, your days are over. As the Trojan children swarm you. You’ve raised up an army to dismantle you. So weak are thee. You won’t survive. I was sent to take Adoption down as this storm of education dispels all ignorance of this scam nightmare. And churches get right with God and the law. And ask forgiveness for removing an child from her womb mate. She made me. Her body marked me and has its own tagging system called Blood and DNA.

I guess. I just don’t get all these boundaries for I had to live with none. Excuse me. But let me ask you. How does it feel? Oh. Yeah. You’ve got it. I felt the same way. Class of over for this day.

Share if you like this crazy story. Let folks learn of our horrors of loosing our own Mothers. And not allowed or encouraged to even grieve her loss? Drenched in fear of another rejection? Our lives spend reading lines no one sent us while we grew in Mama. So we could learn and be ready to leave Mama so early? I’m wasn’t ready!

You all. Who ever that was on the day of my birth. Let me and Mama down. Yeah. I said it. I went there. Judges who signed the ok. You failed us all by agreeing to a law that challenges the higher laws of nature. And denied us our human right, also a higher law? And continue to recklessly and ignorantly keep doing so!

How far must I go to get your attention! Must I litigate? To get your attention? Must I know the all powerful lingo to make you understand what is Common sense law? I can go there? So can my friends? Reading this post? Yeah. You sure you didn’t bring a knife to this gun fight there fella and dames? Hmmm?

I’d say we are packing some heat. If ya get my drift? Numbers. And stories which are nothing more then testimony to a fact? Erin B would be proud. If if she smart? She’ll ride the train with us? To glory and Mama and home. She thinks the fires in Cali can keep that mind sharp? Come over here honey! We’ll sharpen you right up girl!

Yes. This pages rabbles. That’s the point. So does my mind. Round and round I go trying to get home to Mama. But I want her cleaned up to? And she got so many demons chasing her and lies tied to her neck? God bound that woman as all woman are bound to their own children infinitely.

I’ve just grown up feeling like a cheat? And I don’t want to cheat anyone. And realized. I was cheated my right by blood! And I also realized that we all could change if I could. That Mamas don’t have to battle over babies? We can find was for woman to conceive and have found ways? That’s babies can stay with their Mamas if proper support is in place?

I never got counseling for my grief. It took me years if readin books and digging to figure out what the deal was? I was left and not right. I was not in my place I was out of place. And that my Mama was my true north. And DNA proves it. The scriptures back ya up and human rights back ya up as well as the declaration of a child’s right to have access to their families. Which we were denied, by law that disrupts common natural laws set in place for a damn reason? Our places and minds and beings were disturbed. As our bodies alarms systems have been going off for as long as we’ve been separated and also our Mamas too.

Our mothers. All mothers involved have had to maintain an unnatural course. It’s only logical the child rejects the new transplant. The soil is not home. Have you seen the video of the woman who died in child birth I posted here? I’ll post it below. It tells it all as she hears her own Mamas heart beating in another and quiets to a memorable sound vibration. Home.

Don’t even tell me I don’t know what I am talking about. It’s you that don’t even know what I am talking about. Or my sisters and brothers? But we are gonna teach you all the lessons we learned growing up off course. Cuz this is homeward bound on steroid baby.

These animals that are we are going home. So Mama? Get the pot ready. I want some of that soup you make to make us feel better. And maybe some homemade bread. Make enough for my other Mama. Cuz. She counts. To me at least. She showed up and loved what you made as best she could with what she was given.

Don’t worry about the house Mama. It’s you I’m coming to see. Oh the glory of home. To kiss you and hold you right. And for all my sister and brothers to do the same. I’m not the only one I speak for. Their are trillions of us and so many messages of love we have for all you Mama. You have to see. And take the blinders off it’s the truth.

There’s no one like you. I saw when I just did the work and let my inner freak child wave her white flag of glory so you could see. It’s finished Mama. Jesus gave me the key to your heart. It was always me. Xoxo.

Thanks guys for diving deep with me today.


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It’s time we go home. It’s time we protect home.

It’s time for our Mamas to see the gifts that are we.

I want us all to get home. I heard the cry my whole life of each of you born and removed. This alarm is loud and my ears are ringing.

Let’s go home and rest our Mamas and live again. More deeply as we all learn how to share. Xoxo

No one tells me what to do but god and my Mama. And Mama didn’t say a word. So? That’s a rap. She’s with us too. And she’s pretty upset? So good luck government and church in bed all along? Separation of church and state you say?

Who’s got who now? Seems you owe us all something for our service to this lame cause? And maybe some fines too? A good slap to the head might do it? And dismantle this deacon called love or else?

No danger except to your minds? Just saying? If god sent bugs and frogs and blood to Egypt? Wonder what’s coming for anyone getting in our way this time? Try me say God? Test me. Are you ready for this pop quiz? I hope so? I do. I took it at two days old. I hope you have what it takes? Cuz this feedback loop packs a wallop!

Thanks YouTube!! For helping our cause for change.

you are all damned. by your own hand of ignorance of the truth we now hold.

watch it and weap.

may I say this about the video below. the crime is this woman never got supoort to be her best. manutrition. an affect the mind. education is the only tool, not incarceration. supoort means helping and bor heaping more blame on a woman left without support to do her job. each time we damn a woman like this? three fingers point back to us all. father, son, holy spirit.
we cam do better than blame one woman when we all say it takes a village yo raise a child. where was this womans village? Where were the neighbors? Friends? Family? To high and mighty to help? Or to dumb to see that it hurt their sweet niece nephew, granddaughter, grandson to tank at your own job. Mamas not alone. No.

Look at what is done in the name of what? What’s? No name but failure is good enough to describe who fucked this up? Living in the dark ages? Moses? Still being sent down river? Even his Mama got support to nurse him? We can’t even get that code right?

The rulers are the ones who need to go down river. Or drown in the sea of our tears cried each time we missed Mama? Every second of the day until our tears dried up and became a low vibration from the alarm set off when we were separated? Like wow.

How damn ignorant can it get? So ignorant. Narrow minded. Backward thinking. We all say let go? Just let it go. You let it go. All that scriptobabble you all preach about love and sanctioning separation of child from Mother and fund it? Oh my. Your pants be down who’s legs are spread now? To take it in your ass like you gave it to us! Put not asunder what god has joined together. That’s a code. Was I not United, joined, made from My Mama? Who gave anyone the right to separated me? Not me?

It hurt like hell.

I guess I never learned my boundaries. Thank god I found Mama. She’s helping me. Thanks Mama. Xoxo.

May this post be a reminder. My mothers are not to blame. If no action is taken? We all are to blame. It’s affects us all.

So try to go after my Mamas. And you’ll have to go through my alive body to try. Cuz I’ll shut your ass down quick fast in a hurry. I came to play with you hoes calling my mama a hoe.

They are now safe. On base. Mine that is. So off limits. Go after the church doctrines and illegal laws set in place by ignorant folks that didn’t even know about natural law and divine order.

There is no jurisdiction safe for this human trafficking called love. Not now. Not ever.

So stop this train and take a good look at who’s on board. Me and my friends now siblings thanks to society. An army of warriors with a cause so high? Folks can’t even see how low our Mamas have been treated. It’s time to lift them up like good woman and men do. Mamas rule.

It’s to bad we can’t just make it better instead of worse.

Take a look at what woman do for money while Cardi b sings us all home holding her own baby. Money. But she said Kulture. The code. Money for Kulture. The only hoe is the one trying to take another woman’s baby instead of helping her keep her baby? It’s not about possession. It’s about placement folks. You don’t own us. Ever. But we do know where we came from.

take us home cardi b. bold and brazen.

Lead us home to Mama. You go girl. We all are strippers at one time or another and a license don’t make it ok. It’s ok because of consent. Men like looking at boobs and butts. Maybe we need to help them with a 12 step program?



I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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