Who’s not talking?

Well it ain’t me. So own your own. Im tearing this contract up. Scam is scam and sure don’t taste like spam. At all.

Adoptees have been held back to long and forced to swallow grief. Not being able to talk about this made me sick. And my Mamas sick. So sick? They couldn’t even realize how sick they were. Until I was old enough to turn their lights on.

What horrified looks. And bashing of teeth as they realized they had been scammed. Cuz in the end. And we all have read the Bible stories. The family always comes Back together.

So what is the true lesson?

Well? Not to sound clever, ” you can’t fool Mother Nature. Who is god. And anyone saying she’s not? Is just not been taught and can’t even put it together. How. Planet hangs in space and turns and is alive? Yet people who live within her good graces can’t even give her tribute and respect for knowing where she’s sending children? And also allowing us to fall on our faces in epic fails when we have gotten it way left.

Adoption is a left and not a right.

The real issue is the lunatic idea that a woman’s womb is shamed over and over and over? And we woman can’t even see? Programmings got our tongues tied and our brains void of understanding the natural progression.

We can do way better than throwing children around? Surely science can help woman conceive their own children? And surely woman can be taught how to defend themselves and young men taught how to respect the woman form? Surely we can learn that sex is an Intimate act and not just some kind of slam bam thank you?

We act like sex is the end all beat all. People lined up to bang something? Like slow down. Your dick has another purpose than to bang something dear fellow? Do men even think about their daughters? He’ll know they don’t? As they bang around town? Making god knows who? Who eventually will have to clean up the mess their fathers and mothers made?

Like people wake up.

There is way more to learn. We don’t know it all. But I know this. Adoption is a scam. It lied to all my parents and made them lie to me.

Yeah. It did. And it’s time to clean up our collective messes. I was made from two people who were not educated. And the world said it was crazy and that Adoption made way more sense then to keep me?

Well? Where are those good old Folks today? Now that the baby has come back after being thrown out with her water? Hmmm? We’re are those people who said I would not realize a thing? Hmmm?

Cuz I am pretty sure I realized a lot of things! And watch a lot of people. Just turn away. Saying. We can’t help you little girl. Your gonna have to help yourself. And to be my own help and have my own Mamas call me crazy and to say such mean things? As I had to tell them the truth?

They did not want to hear it? They were satisfied with what they had done? No matter how I feel? Suck it Belinda! That’s life? Here. Let us stab you like we were stabbed? Like woe!

That’s a pretty sobering sight to see. Two strong woman who had it all together. Or so they were told. And one grown woman who just pulled some strings and the whole thing fell apart? Hmmm? Seems there is a design flaw?

Why is that my fault? Why are my Mama

Not Cheering me on? I’ve given them freedom from such a way of life? But no. They act like

Hateful animals towards me?

Well. My people Deserve freedom. A choice we never got. Maybe we don’t want any of you? Yeah. No cards. No letters. No whipping boys and girls to take your shit all day? As you try cramming us into whole that don’t fit? And acting like we are the crazy ones?

Parading around town as if you birthed us when we all know full well? Ya didn’t? Why pretend? Why not be real? See? Folks get butt hurt. Well Adoptees are butt hurt after this ass fucking idea of a life?

Yeah. You get to play the role you want. At our expense. And we have to learn all the new lines and pay the price for your dreams? Who’s playing the part you could create? Us. Yeah.

So why don’t you all just be a little more

Grateful to us. We’ve lost so you could gain. Ok? Gratitude begins at home. How about started with yourselves. If you want gratitude. Be grateful. If we don’t look grateful? Maybe that’s just the mirror to your own lack of gratitude for us?

It’s time to look at yourselves and what you do t to our lives for your own gain? Rape culture. We’ve had enough of children getting rapped for a dime and a dream. With no consideration for the consequences. Well? World?

It’s pay back time. Time to pay us back what’s due by birth. Yeah. I have rights by birth. Human rights. That have been violated long enough. Who must I speak too? To get what’s mine?

Or must I walk a bridge called Selma to prove a point? Like the Slave I am? Hmmm? Must Adoptees walk the bridge in Selma to make folks see? Human trafficking. Called Adoption. Took from me. Trafficked for my mothers dreams to come true? Supposedly for my own safety?

Evidently. Children are still not safe in this world to grow up at home? Some lunatics still want to say our Mamas are not good enough and keep them down and ignorant to make sure they win and she looses in the end? A piece of her soul is what’s lost.

And my words ring out. As this warning send the alarms out. To my people. Adopted yet still connected to a now sick woman. Fucked. Yet not cared for and supported.

Men need to wake up and take responsibility for what their dicks do. Yeah. Stop waving that thing around like it’s some ticket to ride buddy. You don’t get to keep shoving that thing into who ever you want without consent! Or with consent of someone who’s not educated about what’s even going on? Fowl play is fowl.

And you mean should get that. Playing football? Yeah. Put it together. Fowl play is fowl play. Stop covering your brothers mess cuz you don’t want anyone to see your own. You tell on yourselves all day long. Woman have been patient enough. It’s time you boys grow up. It’s time woman grow up. It’s time we learn and no more Excuses why we didn’t learn?

I’ve made mistakes. Can you blame me? Look at the mess I came from? Who was on second? Hell no one told me? I had to go ask them who they were?

You know. Adoptions like the story the star belly sneetches. Dr Seuss wrote that story. And adoption is that fix it up Crappy. Who took everyone on the ride to stars upon thars and off again. Round and round those sneetches went. Taking everyone money until know one could remember who was who and why it mattered about starts upon thars.

How long? Till we see. A baby is no prize to anyone but the one it was made from. And no one should even try to talk a woman out of what’s been placed within her was always there? Lord have mercy. It’s so twisted inside everyone heads. Believe me. I’ve seen how everyone thinks about it? Thinking they got it all figured out? Well. Ya don’t.

I do see I have a way better grasp of what’s going on. Thanks to being thrown into this observers seat. Called Adopted. Like wow.

You all just blow me away. Gullible is an understatement. Ignorance is nice. Willfully ignorant is stupid with a race car. Slamming into what’s not your to take. My mother is mine forever. Got it? You don’t get to take her and think I will just be ok with it?

I’m not ready to make nice until Mamas come to get me. Why? Cuz she left not me. So she needs to come back and get me. Like geez. Yes. Swallow that pride Mama. It’s the cure. Pride. Goeth before a fall. So drink pride so you can stand and fall no more for this dumb ass trick.

You gave birth to a champion. Strong enough to take the world on and the crazy idea that this was even a good idea? What did you gain? What did you profit living a scam? What? What?

The whole world? And lost your soul? And don’t even feel a Thing till I came a long a popped that zit. No. Yeah didn’t even realize

Did ya? Nope. Blinded by the lord of light. Hmmm? Sounds like the devil got you. Sounds like a sick trick indeed. Thank God was was sent home to straighten it all out? Or the joke would truly be on you dear lady?

No. The joke is on Adoption the scam from hell itself. Promising what is not theirs to give. Taking from Children what’s theirs and giving them something else instead. Calling it love. Promising what’s they can not deliver. Is a lie.

It’s a lie so heinous. So cruel. Right under our noses. Stinking and stench. Reeking and wrenching. Of lies so deep like dead bodies from the holocaust of Adoption. The real Hitler of the decades. We cry about folks lead to their death. Yet don’t notice children stabbed to death for someone else’s dream to live. Sucked dry of their own hopes and dreams, so their sick Mothers can live lives without them? And so sick woman can live with them? Seriously sick. Sick. Sick.

I am not sick any more. I’ve lived such a life. So I’ve seen up close and personal what’s Adoptions all about. Do you? See? Well. You soon will. Adoption will to us everyone soon.

Either like this? Or maybe you child will produce a child and then give it away. And then. You have to deal with her choice and the affects of that choice on her life? Her mind. Her everything. The affects are there as I live and breath and watch my own Mama wrench from her own choice each time she sees me.

The ghost reminding her of her choice. A stranger who Came from Her body. Now grown. Yet kindred and caring. Helping her see how brainwashed she was.

It’s time to heal our Mamas. This only damns a way. So another way can appear likes stream. Our Mamas and this world are ignorant. For lack of our illuminations. As child after child within us steps up to speak words denied us. It’s time to crawl out of our cages and to speak the truth we know from our living it.

It’s the only way. And if I Must sacrifices my own Mama dignity again to make it better for another? Well so be it. If my Mama is lost forever. And another Mama can be found prepared and ready to defend what’s been given To her so she can trust god like Mary?

Well? My Mamas dead anyway as it is now. She’s lost. The day she gave me away she back slide big time. Maybe she can be found again and restored? Lazarus came forth. Maybe my Mamas can be called forth again like he? Either we believe the Bible or we don’t? If Jesus can do it why can’t I? Why do we go to church anyway? What is a parable anyway? Hmmm? Anyone know? I do. But do you?

Jesus said. I am the way the truth and the light.

Adoption is no way but a dead end at the end of the day when the child grows up to tell the truth? Jesus told the truth and died for it. Thank you Jesus for making it safe for me to speak up without needing to fear being crucified for calling the world out on this one. Thank you for your shed blood for me and my Mamas and the world that still struggles to see what they do for lack of forethought.

For-thought is to think before you act on the thoughts? I’ve thought long a hard about this I speak. Long and hard. After watching all these baby being thrown around and told to be grateful. For what? A world that could think this is ok? Come one man and woman? Surely. We can do better than this. Surely we can want better. Than this for our children. Because every child is ours. And we all pay in the end for what’s done do any child? Surely we can see that? My god.

Adoption sure made me see. Jesus made me see. Now it’s time for the whole world to see. My words are one things. But just remember when God’s has enough God always sends a messenger. To warn us all. So good luck getting out of having to change on this one. Good luck hiding your head in the sand when your necks clearing seen and can be cut off? Leaving your now dead head in the sand and your lifeless body beside it? Blind.

Don’t underestimate this planets capacity to make us change? I went through the fix it up chappies contraption called adoption. And I am still my Mamas daughter. Boo Hoo on you.



I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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