This man. Who loves my Mama. Still.

im not afraid to say here, that I am connected to my ancestors. And their energies. I feel that prayers connect us all. Even those we call dead.

And I feel that healthy grief includes those who have, crossed over beyond form that can be seen in our daily lives still. For the spirit never dies. This is a fact. And yet many call folks crazy for talking to the dead.

I do feel Theresa Caputo has debunked that and makes a nice living talking to dead people. She shows us we all can talk to the dead. And she shows us the signs to look for. Thank you Theresa for showing up. You’ve made me strong enough to say, me too and it’s not about sexual misconduct. It’s yeah. I’m not crazy. I am hearing from dead people and giving messages.

And then realizing Mama may not like or believe in such things? So. That meant education. About energy and linking it to scriptures so she could understand. And feel safe about her daughter being like this. So she could understand me. To refresh her on a language of love we have always had. It’s programmed in me.

She just needed an update about the world outside her world. And a peek into mine. A slow methodical peek. She’s a Virgo. What can I say. She’s nosy. Lol. Loving so. She should want to know. And she’s not liked parts. Yes. Me either. Hated those.

But cleaning up your act always involves Mama. If you’re gonna do it right and not left. Mama and I had much to get caught up on. And here seemed right and not left. Like our lives. So left field.

The world of energy is the world of God. Beyond religious parameters. God is all and all is god. Even we are God. And it’s time we accept that it’s not our right to think we can run the show on just our own brain power. Each mind is connected to all. And that’s mind blowing once you realize this fact. And begin to really see your affect in the world.

I began learning about affect early in life. As a baby who had to learn a new woman’s energy. With no books or learning. Just instinct. And my mind is strong. Yes. And without Mama and religion telling me this way or that. I learned my own way. Always guided by the divine.

I’ve walked in utter darkness and been the light. I’ve seen what God in me does when I yield to a higher good my small mind can not see yet. And I have seen the affects after following God’s lead and helping someone. It has a good affect. My intention is yielded to God’s intention. The highest Good. Not my highest Good. But the highest good of all.

Living your life like that means patience is your side kick. And karma is your friend always.

Phil comes to my mind about Karma. Mama found the best. He was the best if the best. And I know he gets that fact and still feels that from her energy. Her life. How she lives it still with him in mind.

And from

Knowing the man? I know he would want me to give her these messages. Even if she did worry about folks calling me crazy. That’s the kind of man he was. A little crazy about her in a whole lot of ways. 😘

See I got to see him through a special lens. He liked photography and the lens is everything to the photo you wish to capture. And I guess I just have a way of reading someone and sizing the math up like that. And I could see her though his lens. The one he showed me was their.

He was a beast. And he knew it. And he tried so hard to always do better. We wished he could have done better in the end. And I do feel Jim showing me what really counts as I shed an old truth. Yes. I do. When I need help only he could give, he floats through my mind in a song. Reminding me he’s here and helping us still. To unite what he felt he couldn’t while here on earth in his body.

It’s like he’s a coach. Showing me this and that. Helping me tie up loose ends. So we all can have more. So like him to care so much. Much like God. And it’s felt crazy even feeling like I had to explain myself to my own Mama. And when you have to set Mama straight you have to set her straight. No other way. Like I can’t back off after all of this. And not make my commitment known. And show her my life’s work was all due her her love for me?

These are the true words of this daughter of Linda Marie. Unashamed. Committed to the end. To honor my roots. Always. Mama Jean would not wish for me to give up on you? If I could even do that? She would know my love for her would diminish. To love you is loving her. She sees how much now. As I bang the doors down in front of her face.

And fight for both your honors.

To right the left. And work the middle ground up. For this bridge has finished building. My hand of love extended to each Queen. I pull you in towards my love and gratitude. You can’t and don’t even want to escape it. You’ve won it. Not by might. But by my spirit says the Lord.

Grace is the gift here. At the end of our old days. And we’ve forgiven for tomorrow’s missed marks. And we are wiser for the knowing. And now can see our strength got us through. And that God is able. To right the left in life and get us all back on track.

Phil always asked the right questions to make me think. And for God to work. This miracle. God has denied me no resource to reach you. Massage that heart if yours and slap that mind around to jar it loose. Pumped information into you like a dry sponge needing to be revived. Your not done yet missy. God’s got way more for you.

Beside. The house is still being renovated phill said. Your gonna love it! But not yet love. Not yet. Surprises await dear love of my life. Trust and obey.

It’s like he just spills onto the page as I write here. Interrupting and interjecting. Lol.


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