The sick thing.

The real sick side of Adoption is being the child who’s Mama thinks she can just use her own child to get what she wants? A life without me? Like that’s so twisted up?

That’s one is the thing I want folks to see. What was done to me. Sold like a whore at two days old for a life without my Mama? While I go on and live a lie to save face for who?

Like yeah. Let the child takes the fall. She’s strong enough? Let her deal with the mess? Throwing me around like some Hot potato for sale or something?

Adoption’s story line sucks. And who keeps getting the dead end? Us? The children of such creatures. They could change? But will they see?What Adoption did to our Mothers, now monsters? Played for the fool while someone else gets what hers by birth right? And do they even appreciate it?

What Adoption made me go through? I can’t hide how it affected me to save anymore faces than my own.

Cuz your asses are grass now. That I am grown. So either learn your damn lessons? Or just stand in the corner with the dunes hat? Like whatever?

I’m not gonna be ready to make nice until we all see. Slavery at least is up front and in your face. Adoption is worse than the same, as slavery for the children sold to strangers for what? What’s the point?

Cuz at the end of the damn Adopted day? Mamas just not here is she? That friend like no other? Only one? Protector. Guardian? My ass. That’s another thing I’d like folks to see. My Mama. Paralyzed by a vow she made without my permission. And she thinks her vow means something? Now?

Her vow doesn’t mean shit. Now that I found home. And the only law now is to stop putting asunder what god joined together with her own flesh.

And that folks is sick and twisted if a child is barred from their own home land when my right by birth is still running in my veins.


Yeah Mama. Your doing that to yourself now. In front of everyone? How does it feel to be exposed? Now maybe you can begin to understand my world without you.


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