Christmas. And?

So it’s Christmas’s season. What does that really mean? The flip side is:

  • We celebrate the birth of a person we also killed and still do
  • We still just worship some man instead of follow his foot steps
  • It’s means we celebrate his shed blood and also partake in his punishment for telling his view and daring to speak.
  • We celebrate the birth of a child who by today’s standards was illegitimate, a bastard.
  • We celebrate the king of Kong’s holy son and yet still call children conceived without a proper marriage bastards
  • We celebrate a woman named Mary for having the balls to keep Jesus and for listening to the voices that spoke to her?
  • Today Mary would be called insane. Probably put on medicine for saying such a tale.
  • Today. Jesus would either have been aborted or Adopted to a more suitable family and his Mother places in an institution for such a story.
  • Thank God Jesus was born when he was.

Today. Do we really get the message of Christmas? A child comes. And two people showed up. Defied to odds. Yet. He died for us. And we celebrate that he did?

Like I don’t know? Seems a bit selfish. A bit narcissistic? Just hearing the news tells me we haven’t really gotten the message of Jesus and Mary.

And growing up Adopted proves that point.

Why was Jesus safe?

And then why did he have to die?

For us?

For just telling the truth?

And calling the hypocrites out?

For saying what he saw and describing what he saw?

Was the water really wine? Or were they all to drunk to tell it was water and actually hydrating them? Saving them from death? Alcohol poisoning? Have we ever considered that? About Jesus?

What is Christmas really? As we give each other gifts? And Jesus, in another body, goes with out? Like?

His body. His blood shed for us? And we haven’t learned a damn thing about how to stop it? This Christmas. Let us try to wrap our minds and souls around that? Changing how Jesus life will be. Could have been?

He rose from the dead? How? What happened? Why did Lazarus come forth? How can we do that? Like Jesus?

If we all are made in the image and likeness. Meaning the same as God? Then why have we not tested these? Stories? Is not Jesus an example that everyone knows about? Is his life not a blue print of sorts?

How is it that so many are houses in mental wards confined for their truths? How is it that they have been labeled insane for words spoken? And condemned as unfit to live?

Why is it that we are unable to adjust to strange people and always pull the fear card? Claiming they are a danger? Why have we not made the world more safe for all? Seems to me we have a lot to learn about servitude. And working for the highest good of all, not just some.

Each day a baby is born, is a chance to get it right. Each day a baby is conceived is a chance to get it right. Mothers should not ever have to feel she must sacrifice their child for anything. A child should not have to pay for its mothers perceived sins?

It’s is we who have missed the mark of a child is still not safe. For it means we all are not safe? And safety is a perception we can change from within and radiate out. Fear is false evidence appearing real. It’s associated with the unknown. But knowable if we can move past fears. Fear is a friend of ignorance. Which is not not know.

And knowing is power. Which we all need.

Let’s change this narrative of nativity.

Let’s change how we see conception. Let’s make the world safe for woman and their children.

It’s is important the tie between a woman and her child. And the tie between the father is just as important. Mary and Joseph showed up on a wing and many prayers.

We all can do at least that. And work to make it so no one must die for their truth. Listening is half the battle.

This Christmas let’s think about Mary. Who worked so hard to make the world safe for Jesus and had to watch us all tank in the end.

Thanks for diving deep with me.

God bless.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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  • What you know is true about MARY. We don’t hear raw truth often from the SRIRIT-OF-TRUTH, keep going we >hear< you.

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