At least I am writing

In a world that seem to be finding out that we always find out? I’m writing. And working. And talking. Processing everything. Like we all do? I am not alone here? Yeah. I am talking to all 22 of you last count? And all of you matter.

  • And even if you don’t completely understand me? On some level you resonate enough to keep coming back. Why? Who knows. That for you to realize. I am just here speaking what comes.
  • And I realize that it’s you I am here for. Here writing about garbage dealings of the energetic type. Which is what’s called healing.

Some days I write about anger. And a lot of you come to feast. Thank you. I’m glad to see I’ve hit a nerve. There is anger to be had. Anger energy eaters are hungry. Change is upon us all at some level. The world is ready to flip in the sense of our mind and how we see it all.

The parties over. We’ve left quite a few messes. And we need to clean up the messes and change our ways? Not hold onto crude oil. When the sun can fuel us all. And the wind? Seems silly to keep taking Mother earths full? The sun is free and can be stored. And water too? Let’s not forget that?

What’s the point? Look around you as I slap your mind silly and hit you from all side Mother truckers? Look around you? What’s can be done? A lot! One step at a damn time! One foot in front of the other? Babylon has fallin. As the world looks on and prays we get the fuck up.

Miss use of power for long enough. Tyrany is in the house? The mind. Look at US? A?

I’ve started as an Adoptee. We all know who my real Mama is? And yours too. Mother Earth. Our damn home! Children of the most High. This planet for God sakes is alive! Like?

Blows my mind these days listening to people? I say to them,”you do realize that this planet is a cell don’t you? And that we are hanging in space? By no string? We are going a thousand miles an hour right now? You do realize your reality is one of many? ” and they just look at me. Mouths open and drooling due to the steak of truth I just gave them? Gagging but not dying. Maybe it’s not a steak? And maybe I am the Cheshire Cat? Shoving the right mushroom down their throats to help them see?

I have done the same thing for my own Mama. Tell me I am not a healer now. She’s my Alice in. Wonderland. Adoptionland. And I fed her that mushroom a little at a time. So she could take all of its medicine in. To wake. And see her prayers have indeed come true. And it was all a dream to even allow herself to think I would not return. To love her anyway?

So sad a thing to witness. And such an amazing thing to watch as she rises again with healing in her wings. I found you Mama. Peek a Boo.

What was your address in Beaverton? I caught the clue. Xox. It’s ok if it’s silly and wild Mama. That’s the beauty of what’s new and fresh. Love is in the air and you feel. Hold on. Hold. It was always coming in the night. For you. Always love. No danger. Secure. Held. Protected.

Could a child from a Lady so fair as you be anything other than wicked to prove her love by walking you through the darkness of demons long gone to prove her love is real? Tell me? Am I not your child now?

Look at me now. Again. Notice that chin. The glint in the eyes shining back at you are you. Mixed with another. Who’s dna helped me come home to you and to pray. So him differently. The past is gone. God’s got surprises. To bless your socks off. To show you all that was made from you.

Let’s forget all that? It’s all out. It can only come back if we fail to fill it with love. Let’s just pour our love on all that garbage. The past. I know. I am doing this once and for all and it’s taken some time Mama. But is well worth it. Victory is ours Mama. Sing the damn song for god sake!! Lol. Our love is the fuel that’s lighting this fire! Praise God Mama? Come one. Praise God!

22 people are counting on us. And don’t mind that I talk to you while I write them. They are learning. Be strong Mama. This is a wicked upturn. Hold on to my love Mama. I know you love sweet talk. But sweet talk ain’t nothing without a good sour to make it punch!

You knew anyway. I could hide my feelings forever. You wanted to know. And it wasn’t easy and all hell broke loose. Which is good. Hell needed to break loose for heaven. Right? Right.

Sure. Some people in the world think this is crazy? They don’t get faith like we do Mama? So we are teaching them. Right here right now. Quick fast in a hurry, hit the sucker so hard I make his vision get blurry. I’m to lean for I’m to clean for this. Figured it would happen so I brought my team for this. (Act a Fool, Lil Jon)

I at least am writing which is like talking. Which is healthy. Holding it all in is unhealthy. And if I have to all gangsta up in here to get a point across? Well alright! Throw them stake up.

  1. My Mama must want a fool. For her. Well here I am baby.

This love ain’t finished yet.

my Daddy didn’t regret a thing about me. And neither should you. Xo


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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