It’s a sacred right of passage.

When one woman hands back what the other gave her. When it’s time to share back what was given her to love and enjoy. And if done well. With as much care as she was given and tends what was once not hers. It’s a pretty big deal.

No. I don’t like how my family is handling this great moment in our collective history. As two woman are indeed. In the end. Honored. Both equally for their own merits towards me. I am all that mattered. The world? Can go fuck themselves. We good here.

Excuse me Mama’s for my French. I must have lost myself there for a minute. I seemed to have gone all Getto up in here. . Excuse me for any rudeness. No harm intended.

But may I remind you both, my Daddy’s were pretty damn amazing and taught me a thing or two about both of you. Right. Under. Your noses. All of them. Yes. Even Huey. While they were here. I memorized them. Like an Eagle would. For your love is my pray. Lol. And I am just so damn silly.

And you guys? Are just so serious? Drama central there!! We got some too? Like everyone’s got shit? Now ours is all out. In public and how many come to read about it? Not many right now? So like? It’s ok guys? Spoken in a whisper. The cost is clear?

Like oh my goodness. Why would you worry about such things? Look around? Things are changing? People are identifying with differently genders? Woman marry woman? It’s not about the sex? It’s the intimacy? The spirit within? Folks are transcending gender specific? It’s a beautiful time! And don’t listen to people who tell ya different? This planets amazing guys!! I’ve seen so much!

And we all will see more. 2019. My brother lives inside me. Yeah. No one gives a shit but you Mama. And thank God. I’ve saved so much of him. So excuse me. I thought you should know you lost a son which made your grief real hard to shake because you lost us both kind of? And never said so Mama. I just? Remembered. How much you did love my Daddy’s. And it’s ok.

Like get over it. No one really cares excite the ignorant? And don’t hang around them? They’ll learn? Maybe they should be adopted Mama? Ba ha ha ha ha!!

Come on darling Mama? Laugh!! Wickedly!! Wittily. Wackily!! Wonkie! Shriek!! And howl!! Bark at the moon. God loves you. And you played the part well. And now. A staring role in the new life of Linda Marie. A Mother who gave her kid to a friend. And after 55 years is meeting her at long last. The tale of two woman in the “60”. I bet we can make folks care.

Make them laugh as the medicine goes down. Get folks drunk on a new way that’s the old way cleaned up a hit. Like a computer hard drive. With space for way more.

Love ya Mama. Call me. I am your devil child.

Who’s an angel in disguise. Who came to walk you through a dark night of the soul. I have been your prayer warrior. Phil asked me too. Take care of you. And so I have. As best I could with what I’d been given.

And it’s gonna be ok to call me now. You should be getting some apologizes soon from the family. I’ve already apologized to you with my life. Just remember. You wanted and needed it this hard. God damned perfectionist!. Lol.

I hope I am more than what you expected. I did not want to forget a thing. I know you love a good love story Mama. All sap and Kenny G. Lol. 💋💋💋🤣. Mama. Can we come up for Christmas? Mama Jean would love it!! And so will you?

Look around Mama. We have so much to be grateful for. And there just so much God wants to give us all here. Way more? Doesn’t this seem like a way better story line now Mama?

We can change it. God’s not in the striking down business due to change. It’s due to staying the same? There is a difference?


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