As I have cleaned the lens that is my Mother

As I have cleaned the lens that is My Mama. The lens from which God made me, her lens beyond herself. A lens is a reflection. Good lens. Good reflection. Phil knew this best. And now helps me tell Mama in a language they shared together.

He’s learned a lot Mama. Over on the other side of the veil. It’s amazing what he’s been showing me about you. All good. And how to strengthen any perceived weaknesses. God love you honey. You got God using Phil to y’all to you? How long have you prayed girl? Let me see those knees? Wow! You sure calling it in Mama.

I can see you yelling! Call it in. Calling it done. And I feel it as I tidy up all loose ends. Wow. My goddess Mama. Calling us in. My fairy God Mama from which this lens has been. Traveled far and wide as God would take me Mama! To bring the goods to your precious feet I bow to. Here. In public.

I’ve been bowing the whole way. After each horrific truth. Bow. In respect. You have earned honesty Grand Mother. Says Gran Gran. And I am going to say it here.

And me and my children now, placed, visible, beautiful, within our places on thats crown of yours dear goddess fairy God fearing Mother of mine. It’s is well with my soul. Now that I have come home with vengeance for thy love must never be removed from me and to be denied your touch is excruciating. To this woman. Your child.


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