One Christmas as I grew.

One Christmas as I grew Inside my Mamas belly. I was grateful for such a warm woman to be the host of my soul. A soul like God’s soul. For such is the kingdom of heaven. A child.

Christmas 1962 I was a Christmas guest. Growing. As God fashioned me from what had come together. God within Mama was working hard to pull everything She could to make me strong. Strong enough to live without such a woman to guide me with her loving soft hands.

One Christmas my Mama cried. And asked why. Her life seemed as mess as she scanned society for a Ray of Hope for her bleak predicament thats was actually a huge blessing in disguise. Some woman take a while to get a joke. And God is a trickster of sorts.

And that Christmas my Mama cried at what she felt she had done wrong. God’s telling her through the one that grew. Mistakes are just practice dear one. I was a guest inside of you. If scripture says God weaves us within? Then that means that each child takes away any sin. For Jesus is real. A spirit came in. And grew without sin. Perfectly formed. By god.

Mamas act they way they are taught. But God knows better. So God sends children to being out and ruffle her feathers. To get her to fly and go higher. It’s god’s wish we aspire. And drive as we all go higher and higher. God’s a spiral. A helix of Myer. Of mud and of tires. All mixed up with to transpire.

Silly lyrics I utter. My Mama makes me shudder. As I had to leave after such a supper. And her so utterly spent and worrying about the rent. God cover her mistake with knowledge of loves true intact.

The Christmas’s I was her guest within. And I thank you dear lady for letting me in. I was honored to be that Christmas guest. Xoxo

I’ve traveled far and wide a searching for such a table. It’s like a book about a fable. But the story is true as I tell the world about you dear lady. The host of this Christmas’s guest her came early to grow inside you and bless and unwind you. To bring stem cells to heal you. And to free you.

And now unwrap you.

I am honored to continue to be your guest of honor at the table god’s spreading for us because God’s able. To cook for your table the truth and not a table. And sure those words I told you would eat. And to relish them cuz your able.

To now see loves at the table. Anything other than that is the fable. Your tables now stable. Jesus the corner stones place is able to steady your gaze so that you can see now the tables just you.

Your my table. And I’m one of your legs come

Home to make you stable. And I am able. To follow god’s fables to come back to this table. Xoxo.

Listen. As Reba sings a song about us Mama.

You’ve waited long enough. Your Christmas guest is back. A heart is a circle that was bent by a fable that said your not able to be a good Mama. That’s just terrible.

Look at Chelsie Lynn and be encourages. For you blessed me. Given her what I had only nine months with. Yes I am hungry thank you. And I see the table now spread with the finest of what you are able. To find on such short notice.

Surprises may seem like mistakes but that is just stupid. And I was sent to correct this. I love you as true as your own heart. Now your tables clean and all set up for this celebration of the century. As your Christmas gift really comes to stay. In all ways. God’s the best guest at Christmas.

god knows what you need. Make no mistake again. And remember. God was within you spinning a blessing to hold you when the winds of life would blow you. And who would gab you and soar you above it all to show you.

God never forgets what been spoken. And knows how to send a token of affection from a mess that was taken. To grow a blessing unable for containing. And to send it back to you again.

I might hitch hike to you if you don’t come get me. Js

Are you gonna make me? Your guest?

I’m the beggar with cold feet. Three times I came to you’re low key door. I was the woman you gave something to eat. I am the child.

December 17, 1962. Does that ring a bell?

Huey spelled backward.

Manifestation of yayyyuh by Vu that was started by lil jon. Used for agreements and celebreation usually followed up with ohhkayyyy
Some random guy: Vu is gay 
dan: yeuhhh yeuh yeuhh Avalon is cool 
Yeuhh yeuhh yeuhhhh
by Dan November 11, 2004
Means yes.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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