When Mama steps up to the plate.

When Mama steps up to the plate. Her destined plate beside me her child. Every. Hater. Every doubter. Every snake in the grass. Gonna know. I was telling the damn truth!!


Praise God!


My Mama did not know consciously how important she is to me. And now to Adoption as I prove the math! And show my work!

As I work the equation like the genius I am. To show. Another number. Another conclusion.

That’s healing.

Changing the script.

For ya all. When we get how Important that children are to their Mamas. It’s all changes.

Stop crying over that spilt milk! And dig a new tench yo catch it! Fresh milk. Delivered from a 60’s girl who learned about change at two days old!

Mama I’m

Known. With a name like Belinda? Folks remember me long after I’ve moved on. They remember you now. Linda to my Be. Three in two names. God’s pretty cute. And wickedly clever to play a trick on us that’s a treat! A blessing!

Get ready folks. Mamas awake. And she showing up. And she is that amazing. I stakes my own life on that tree for god sakes and crucified myself to make a point!!


Let’s heal our minds. The rest just falls into place where an old script once was is now new.

Happy new year early Mama. You’ve earned it.

2019= 12=3. Triad. Trinity. Holy. Sacred is our union. And everyone else if we tend to it like me.

Behold. My Mama.


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