I tell ya. No Baby Saviors is slamming it out.

Like folks just be like the emperors new cloths and walking around naked to. It even seems so damn silly and stupid we all look letting this go on and on? So dumb to keep doing something over and over expecting another results?

As we forge a head with our truth flags flying. We accept the realities all around us and we mourn our collective stupidity for lack of knowledge and understanding. I understand what it feels like growing up called Adopted when the fact is, I’m still my parents child genetically linked always, just separated from my clan.

And just to make it stick? My Moms brainwashed into believing it’s God’s will?

Why? Would God who sees and knows all? Who created me from them will that a child be given away? Safety? Was I unsafe? Cuz then I always was? Just like mosses is what I am saying? We have Ing gotten anywhere and still wander.

Why did the Jew wander? Lack of knowledge. About living trusting God alone? And we still struggle to decipher the words? And we lack all the words? If we joined all the words together instead of drawing lines? We would understand. That’s the lesson.

Let no mAn or woman put asunder what God makes within. What God has United from two. Our cells unite as our parents united. And that’s beautiful not shameful. My Mama felt shame that was not hers and it rubbed off. I pointed it out and have now cleansed it. The affect will be seen.

People have sex. But God mark a good union with a child. Giving a baby away? Only makes the point by scaring a child. Relinquishment has taught me it is about Mama.


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