Sure. I showed you my heart

And what’s always been inside it for my Mama.

Yeah. Make no more mistakes about it.

I am amazing. And you all, just don’t deserve it if you can’t step up and accept what is.


2019. I’m ready. I threw out all the old bags.

And cut the ties, put Frey check on them and I’m out of here?

Like whatever. Good luck is right. For me.

Now that my hearts free. Do the work. It worth it.

My fam’s gotten a good look. A long look. And they still blind as hell. Poor things?

They will see. But I won’t be going back then.

Cuz I’m free. As a bird flying.

Thanks Mama for at least being honest.

Now you know my truth. We are even.

by the way? There are always two sides to a coin. This Capricorn’s gonna show you her back now.


Oh. And merry Christmas!! To me. Finally.

Flip the script.

I’ve done my work to clean it up.

You all can just deal.

You all so educated?

Don’t call me when the shot goes down.

I’m flying out of this coop.

I just really wanted you to know.

What ya all missed.

In me.

Dusting my feet off now. Like Jesus said.



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