Pregnancy notice satire

Guess the news is out now. Mama was wrong. I’m still hers. She just got a real long vacation. Now? It’s time to have fun. Someone else may have raised me. But my hearts always gets. Just stating the obvious facts that Adoption conveniently didn’t see, due to lack of research.

Your welcome Adoption industry. I and my friends, now brothers and sisters of a huge coo that took us without our permission while we where to young to say no, are the research team that will be tearing you down with the words we’ve learned to describe what Adoption really is is rape. You raped my soul. But I still love my Mama and am loyal. You will never break me, Linda’s in my name and that woman’s a rock. I’ll put her in my sling shot and watch you go down for this. Vengeance is mine says the Lord. Pay days here. For you took what was not your to take.

And you brainwashed my Mama Into believing it was ok. As a woman in 2019 I am standing up to this abuse and calling it like it is. No more will we just ship children off because the church can’t see and is blinded. Jesus today would be me and Mary? Would be locked up and labeled insane for telling such a story. It’s time we slay this Goliath that steals and has tried to say Mother’s suck. Conception is evolution.

Adoptions more like some rapist. And we the children were the one who got fucked in plain sight and by the pen stroke of our own Mamas pen damned. What a hell of a note to have to play for my Mama. She deserved better back in the day. Giving a baby away does not make it better. It just takes longer to see. I’m not my fathers actions. I am the child created by them.

But I made it. I’m still alive and filled with love for her. I am her gift and it’s time she opened her hearts door to let me out. I’ve got work to do. Woman must stand up to such practices and protect the children growing inside them.

Adoption is a foul smell in the nostrils of God. It’s not a cure. Dealing with our own sick twisted religious view about birth is what’s needed. It’s time the church’s wake up. They are asleep in the light. Being a Christian ain’t no free ride. We’ve been marked with the blood of one man. We all let him take the fall. No one stood up then except Jesus. To hypocrisy and domination. It’s time the woman turn this table. No need for Jesus to do that.

I do believe his life’s work was to show us how to change things and confront people who abuse powers and fail to follow the scriptures. We all become numb to the pains all around us. And it’s time we step up and do something about it.

Rape culture? Began with Mary. It’s time all us woman right this wrong for her!!


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