Inconvenience is an understatement.

As the ignorant Adoption industry exploits ignorant woman. Which makes for more ignorance. Do tell. What shall we do? Poor parents that get caught making babies without permission. If you spread your legs without a license to conceive, god sends someone else’s baby to your womb. It’s ok. That’s what happens when you sin and procreate without getting properly married like the Pope says or whoever started this madness.

Here. Heres a picture to make it all better. I mean having sex and getting pregnant is so inconvenient!! Poor thing. I mean what about college and the dream life? That thing is dragging you down and making you look bad. Just give it to us. We will love it (like) (it’s) our own. Even if it isn’t. And we might tell (it) or we might not. We will see how grateful (it) is. We may not. The truth is inconvenient. Let’s make something fun up to tell (It). It’s so fun tearing families apart isn’t it? Love this plan so damn much.

This baby has just inconvenienced me long enough. Get it out!! Make it stop!! Make it go away. I can’t take it. I thought it was just sex? Not this? No.

I am so damn grateful for these two dumb saps who will take this (thing) growing in me and raise it like their own and lie to (It) and then Set it free to come find me and turn me on my ear! So grateful!



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