Gerund phrase? What’s this?

Fabulous read. Let’s go here? Look at this persons mind. Amazing.

Many talk. And don’t understand? What is this combination? Real? Or are we beyond this?

The Gerund Phrase

Recognize a gerund phrase when you see one.

A gerund phrase will begin with a gerund, an ing word, and will include other modifiers and/or objects. Gerund phrases always function as nouns, so they will besubjects, subject complements, or objects in the sentence. Read these examples:

Eating ice cream on a windy day can be a messy experience if you have long, untamed hair.

Eating ice cream on a windy day = subject of the verb can be.

A more disastrous activity for long-haired people is blowing giant bubble gum bubbles with the car windows down.

Blowing giant bubble gum bubbles with the car windows down = subject complement of the verb is.

Wild food adventures require getting your hair cut to a short, safe length.

Getting your hair cut to a short, safe length = direct object of the verb require.

Don’t mistake a gerund phrase for a present participle phrase.

Gerund and present participle phrases are easy to confuse because they both begin with an ing word. The difference is that a gerund phrase will always function as a noun while a present participle phrase describes another word in the sentence. Check out these examples:

Jamming too much clothing into a washing machine will result in disaster.

Jamming too much clothing into a washing machine = gerund phrase, the subject of the verb will result.

Jamming too much clothing into the washing machine, Aamir saved $1.25 but had to tolerate the curious stares of other laundry patrons as his machine bucked and rumbled with the heavy load.

Jamming too much clothing into the washing machine = present participle phrase describing Aamir.

Bernard hates buttering toast with a fork.

Buttering toast with a fork = gerund phrase, the direct object of the verb hates.

Buttering toast with a fork, Bernard vowed that he would finally wash the week’s worth of dirty dishes piled in the sink.

Buttering toast with a fork = present participle phrase describing Bernard.

My dog’s most annoying habit ishogging the middle of the bed.

Hogging the middle of the bed = gerund phrase, the subject complement of the linking verb is.

Last night I had to sleep on the couch because I found my dog Floyd hogging the middle of the bed.

Hogging the middle of the bed = present participle phrase describing Floyd.

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These puppies.

Cleaning up after puppies is like cleaning up after children? If you do it right? I’ve seen it done left growing up? Piss smell? Shit? No one cleaning it up or bleaching? Many people do feel like owners and many owners don’t know a thing about maintenance?

So this bed is messy. And is going to be washed today. They are old enough to give them their shots. A shout out to Angela and Mama Jean who have been keeping the food going. I can’t just go get a job and leave the puppies to fend for themselves? And my standards are way higher than they were about everything.

They are not children. And need to be worked with each day to build trust and help them learn? If you take yourself seriously? I wonder these days? Can’t work and have fun? Man? That’s rough? For you!

Here’s a pic. I would love some donations towards feeding them. If your interested in being chosen by one of them? That’s would be so great! Please message me about it and we can begin talks. And what you feel a dog is worth to you? Especially babies that have lives with their midwife before birth?

I’ll figure out how to put a paypal button here somewhere. Thanks to anyone that gives a shit.

May God bless you back like you help me!

Meet the gang. Venus, jack and Jill. bubba, little bit. Angel didn’t make it. Rip. But always present in spirit. My Maximus is very intuitive. I had his picture taken? And he’s very intuitive? Which means empathic. Which is. Great trait to have as a companion?

My PayPal account is

Puppie food

Meds for Bubba

Milk. I don’t care. They like it.

And yes. I am living with them. It’s not easy being a dog.

And I’d like some smokes.

And they need to be vaccinated. So they can go run outside!!

That’s my budget right now. Not to expensive? And I thought maybe some people reading this would like to

Join in helping me? I can help them when they need it? Why must I go to welfare and beg? If I must beg? For something I do feel we all earn at some Point? Like cover my back right now? Does not God tell us to go forward? Why is my back turned towards you? No!!

Look. At me. I am hovering over the children born out of the past and who are born in the past and not the past but the future. My back is turned as I bend over them with my own body. Like these puppies? Your telling me it’s good enough for them and not good enough for me?

What? Have we become? Nothing if we see a classification at all. And maybe my language is twisted just right to catch that attention!! Like the hook I am. My daddy went fishing and look at me.

Thanks for nothing. Or thanks for something. Either way. Thank you.

Thanks. It’s going towards supporting me as I grow these intuitive puppies for their companions. Maximus is a registered service dog. Their father. And Layla will be soon as she’s done training. This is a one of a kind litter.

Born on Halloween. These puppies should belong to witches. Message me if the divine has lead you here?

My kids never did wonder?

My kids never did wonder or ask? How I learned to hide food? And why we did it? From each other?

Well? Because when I was young I hid food for myself later. Outside where it would be dry? Under the mattress. Crazy places no one ever looked? Like vases? Wrapped in a napkin?

My Mama Jean was raised in the depression. So? She didn’t mean to starve me? That’s just how she felt it was supposed to be? And that would mean her parents starved her to some degree? How does one even know what starvation is if they have never been shown a difference?

And I remember how I used to be? Very small and worked to not eat to much or enjoy myself to much? Food? Was just, fuel. And really. After Mama? And seeing where I came from? It’s like being forced to live with deprived people to see what prosperity is? Much like the prodigal son?

  • Which means before I was born I signed up to be this prodigal son? To my Mama? That it would feel like she was rejecting me and I would have to get over that? It’s like flipping yourself upside down? And living life like that? Like what’s it like without my parents? Maybe we all need a refresher? Of what we truly are given. I said. I’ll go. I know I won’t fail. All I need is a mustard seed of faith. And I’ll sprinkle them everywhere!! And just plant the last one back in me. I already planted the last one first like a genius. So? I’m grounded to shade all of us? Xoxox.
  • Would not God give this gift to our Mama? Freedom from her old narrative and ours? To see her a new? With new eyes? For I have forced you to look at me while she worked on herself and removed all her masks. To reveal the soul within. Mother. Splendor.
  • At the end of the day. It is well with our souls. We showed up. Even if one was born blocked. We dug her out!! The terrific trio.