Once you free your mind

Once you free your mind from an old narrative, you allow space for the new narrative to naturally become seen. A natural narrative is always with a Mama and her children.

Frankly as Linda’s daughter? I don’t know how Mama, from my point of crow has stood her girls acting like they do? But I do see that they need to change. Yes. I had to change? Why should you all have to change? To bad your so behind? Not my issue, but yours for not realizing the new script 25 years ago? Seems you like to dwaddle a little and maybe deny?

Well? No fear I Be Linda is here! Your tour guide to our promised land. Like Moses? Yeah. Like Joseph. You all need a new script from what I can see and way more lines to speak. Mamas our audience. And she’s real excited to see us all in action. Even. Nick. I’m sure Phil is excited too. He’s really able to see it from all views now. Gramma R is watching and Auntie O and Gran Gran and yes. Leroy.

Karma is being rewritten by me. The one removed and who came home with only God leading me. The whole way. Even now. I am going to say that Thanksgiving would be a great time to show Mama our first act. Let’s let her rest and get to know her best friend? And cook it all together. Yes. You all can clean the house and get it Mama ready for us all to come and celebrate us all coming home to reality and give thanks for each other in front of our Mama would be nice? And my Mama Jean. We all should respect this sacred millstone and not piss it away like children.

I feel we are all ready to get over our old selves and to dawn a new self together and not apart.

I do see you holding ground for Mama. But that grounds gone and a new foundation has already begun to emerge. One build by god that includes a new cast member that you all except Victoria need to meet and greet with open arms.

It’s time girls. Let’s not squander this moment and let Mama down. She’s needs us to unite.

Email me. I’ll come help clean or whatever you all need. Let’s have some fun while we can. Let’s finish this bridge to the new.


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