Mama? Who?

Mama? Who gives a rats butt about what you got told anymore? You know the truth now. And can see the clear path that I’ve cleared for you to just walk away from caring about what folks said or say? The girls will get over it. Your over it. I’m over it and would like to move forward minus that old shit. I know you do too.

I’ve learned the lesson about a Mama and her worth. Have you learned yours about this child? If you were me? How would you feel about being at the end of your behavior? Do you like being blocked? Or are you blocked? I’m working on both to help unblock this between us. I’m over pride and worrying about what folks think. It’s all or nothing for me about you.

And eventually you will or are seeing about the part of you that’s within me? Please take a look at her again Mama through my glasses instead of those old ones you have been seeing me through. It’s like being color blind and seeing color for the first time Mama? Look at me through a lens of love so fierce nothing can stop it. Yeah. Fierce love Mama that burns all lies away and leaves a person clean and clear to see beyond the past ideas and short comings to see we all can change and make it better.

You are a thrifty queen Mama and this is the bargain basement find of a lifetime. And we. You and me are gonna take all these old relics and make something stupendous!! Thrifty girls always make it better!! And recycle reuse Mama!! It’s time to practice what needs preaching Mama!! There is no need to hoed yesterday’s sustenance god’s bringing new manna for us to thrive and not just survive a separation such as ours. Of course god’s binding our wounds that connect us together. Of course God knows what was done. And of course God beings the balance back always. And God always heals the wounded and torn heart of a Mama. But to heal a wound it must be exposed and vulnerable, but a physician such as God knows how to see us back up better than new Mama? Yes.

God’s mending us. Yes. Cry for joy Mama. For god’s sake cry. And hollow at the moon! Let your inner Mama speak her truth and say Ouch! Let all the Mamas says ouch!! No more numb but thirsty for their gifts that are coming home to give love and help heal.

We get upset because we have to undo what the world said about what we would feel and do! And our Mamas were unprepared for a natural thing such a going home to Mama! Hello!! Hello!! Shame on you who can’t see! There was never shame within me but many tried to lay theirs on me!! I saw shame on Mama and said oh hell no!! And went to working and praying and doing what the good lord said to help my own Mama! That is what daughters are supposed to do right? Help Mama? Love Mama? Why am I classified as any different because I have a label that says Adopted? Please! Did Moses love

His Mama? Yes he did and his people he lead to the promised land!! For Adoptees the promised land is Mama Land! We love our Mamas! Love drives us home to get the chance to do that with her and not for her or because of her heroic acts to save our lives in a world that can’t help her? And wants her to abort because?”what will the neighbors say or God?!” Like come on. Fuck the neighbors. And God’s down with procreation and respect! So let’s change shit and educate folks. Punishment really is not a good teacher. Illumination and education are key for every person to be their best. Many hoard good knowledge and die ignorant and unevolved.

My Mama punished herself giving me away. That’s so messed up. So messed up. And the world agreed! Backed her up? Fuck you world!!

I’m breaking Mama out of this punk ass prison mindset!! My Mamas great! Deep inside. But she’s scared and all turned around thanks to you all! I have to go back and right it all thanks to the worlds view without my truth! I have to polish the cataract that you formed over her eyes and massage her sight back to see herself clearly! Fuck you world that did this to my Mama. I came home to heal that shit and till it and dish it back to you world that tho is this is so great!

I am a scrapper from way back! Raised by an Indian woman who’s half German. Jesus brought me home. Bite your tongues to say anyone else did. A child knows what their Mama needs even when her sisters don’t even see me the elephant in the room of their world standing patiently waiting for a bow of respect for even taking my time with them!

The world told me to forget all of you. Don’t you see? Look then. Look again. And bite your tongues. And remember this sister who went against the grain to come home to her Mama. Ok girls? Yeah we Linda’s don’t give up. And I’m Be Linda. I be Linda. Oh yeah. I study my Mama well. I embody all her wonderful and crazy ways submitted to a loving God who uses me to heal folks minds about it.

Your sisters been home for 25 years girls. Like step it up your making Mama look bad. Ok? Guess you needed me to say it here cuz you all didn’t even call me to ask? Yeah. Step it up girls Mama don’t have time to set you straight. She’s trying to work for God while all you all do is stand by a watch her bust her ass? Should she have to ask for your help? No. New rule. Help Mama. Go over and devote time while you have it girls!! Hello! No excuses. Me either. We need to come together and act right. This ain’t right at all.

Sister stick together even if one was given away. Ok? There. New rule. Do I have to come back and do everything and tell you all Mamas standards? Lord Jesus. Ask Chelsie Lynn? She’s can see the standards are family? What’s the deal? To busy to care? To this or that? Hello! I’ve got a life too! K? My daughter Chelsie is a deep part of that life! What’s the hell have you done to help her? Do you think she’s just happy as a clam about this and me having to carve and carve at yesterday’s weeds and shit in the garden of my families life alone?

Shots on us all darlings? I’m the only one calling it as it is. And your all taking a time out cuz it’s just to upsetting? Like get real! I’m upset too! But you don’t see me hiding? The calls in your court? I can come get it but you loose points? So make a better move than this? Ok?

Yeah. I’m not messing around and am speaking very firmly with you to show you that I am not backing down. Chelsie Lynn knows that? Get over yourselves. You read me getting over myself? It’s time to do better girls. Say hello yo your real sister. And for god sakes get some manors!

That I must stoop to read your new lines to you is so embarrassing. Get up and act like sisters and not step sisters like Cinderella? Lord Jesus woman these days? No wonder I act like my Daddy more? Men shoot from the hip. Woman just say whatever and mean nothing at all and get nothing at all. I didn’t want to grow up like that kind of woman at all. And I won’t stand by while you all act like this after I have been through so much to get back to your ungrateful asses! Grow up! Get up! Act better! Use your Christian teachings to show our Mama some respect! And me some respect for loving her enough? To go against what the world told me about it.

Why not for Mama? Why not act better to one another? Is t that why she prays and reads god’s words to teach us? To show us the way? I found my way without her? What’s your excuse?


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