I tripped onto this reading.

And this reading sounds like my Mama and my Daddy. And I’m in the middle trying to mediate for a dead man to change it. It’s like my Daddy’s saying sorry. And wanting my Mama not to take it out on me. It’s like God sent me back to make this right. So Mama could see me. And not my Daddy’s mistakes in me, but how I did what he did not. I held on. I committed to my Mama all the way and never backed down.

Mama? Daddy was that fire sign. And I have fire too. But my fire is from heaven. And my truth burns away all our past. The only thing left after this? Is love. Let that shit go Mama.

I may be from you and Daddy? But I’m not that mistake or whatever your feeling about it? I love you true. I’ve fought for your honor. Alone. With only God guiding me. That’s love and commitment.

Daddy was a mess. Yes. He left you holding me and a bunch of dreams that never came to be? But I came back to show you love. He loves you. He was a mess. And scared of you Mama. You’re amazing. Never forget that. Never. Ever. Forget how amazing you are and what a catch you are.

That’s my message beyond the pain. My Daddy’s love is within me. Beyond his acts of cruelty. Love grew anyway in me for you Mama. That’s a miracle. This love wont stop. God won’t let me stop. Because you need to get this forever in time.

I love you true Mama. And all you watered me with was prayer Mama? Holy miracle grow I call it. Thank you. Thank you.


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