Special cards for Mama and you too. Remember.

We are spirits, essence, breath from heaven in human form. That my friends. Is the ultimate truth. I tested it to the damn hilt!! Nothing can stop pure love. And your love for your Mama can fuel to turn any perceived mountain into a mirage. Poof!!

Love. In the end. If you are willing to life up your head and look, god has the Binoculars and Will show you what your essence longed to see in this world and the final affect you made.

My Mama didn’t know what the hell she was doing. So the guck what! She did her damn best!! Love your Mama!! She’s a damn warrior for you!! She’s praying for you! She’s not gonna tell you? She’s gonna show you!! In your life will be blessing untold!! Look for them!

Mamas love makes sure of it. She’s so damn good, at being that loving prayerful essence she signed up to be, like a whisper of winds she will plant a seed and pray over it with care without even realizing she did so, over the sink doing dishes. She prays. In the bathroom on her throne. She prays. In the car, she prays. “God, was I enough? Was it enough? God may it be enough? Am I worthy? Please Lord may I be pleasing in your site lord” “show me”.

And God being the Badass I know God to be? Said? ” Baby girl, I got you”, “All is God and God is all baby?” ” And I, your Lord? Wouldn’t have missed on dance with you my darling, especially the one with that Cowboy?, thank you Linda Marie, for loving me in human form”

Because Mama? God is all and all is God. You sent me to learn a lesson, so I could and would teach it to you. Perfect live cast out all fears Mama? Yes. I just did.

Happy birthday. Enjoy this card and the one to follow. Mamas? Read these cards and get ready for your Baby? They have not nor never will forget you? Now let get up and make these homecoming happen? Mamas love their Baby’s? No lie? Mamas hurt too. And Babys know how to kiss it and make it better too? I mean who do you all think really Mothered us? God? It’s just happened to me? I just tuned into God when you left, cuz God was tuned into me?

And God is a crazy mad scientist!! And will take you some places and teach you some stuff? If you let God and forget about and face your haters and make them lovers?

My Mama hated a part of herself that made me and did this to me? A bat no Mama should keep beating herself with? No. Not on my damn watch!! Not gonna let Mama even let that shit, not get trained and settle and educated the hell out of that mind! Not batting a child of God. Including ourselves. And that’s where it all starts. In our mind like a knot. We get all tangled up with shit we don’t understand? I see it all day long? People going in circles?

And I swing by and just twirl them around and Say a few things and bingo!! They going somewhere else. I am still figuring out how and why? It’s just a gift? And I want my Mama to be open to see it as such? Cuz her prayers have brought this divine cleaning straight to her soul!! Grace flowing out towards her. She prayed this in. Trust and believe. Mama prayed this in and god gave me the messages and I showed to her call. Indeed. I never ever don’t listen to my Mama spirit. Ok? Don’t even?

She rules. And her spirits so connected that it manifest and all bow to it. I’ve felt it?? She vibrates a frequency!! It’s amazing!! I go away feeling like folks feel when they come to see me!! Even if we fight? I still feel good.

Oh. I got closer to love. Yes. My Mama. She’s didn’t understand her baby girl. But think now she’s sees. I’m wild Mama. I was raised by the wolves, which was everyone, and you from afar. All I wish for is for you to lovingly accept me. To come full home? That’s all. This wolf tired. I would just like to curl up at your hearth and be fed from your bowl of grace. That’s all.

And I am proud to be from you and my Daddy. Loud and proud!! Thanks you for letting me take this stage. And for your patience as I told the story of a little girl adopted. Who loves her Mama. Xoxo

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