Chelsie Lynn

you’re damn right im bot having it.

God is in control of me and you baby girl. God is all and all is god. Don’t even think that any of my fleshly fears spoken or written and released can stop god from turning karma around. For us. Oh dear one. Gods working and it out for our best if we both kept believing for our highest good.

And I am. And I purge. All that got in the way of our blessing. I war, yes. With flesh and blood? No. The mind my darling. My own. And those ideas planted within me that you inherited from birth. I work to transform the DNA and the programming of separation and the thought that any of us is separated or separated. We are not.

I send you loving energy each day. If you don’t feel it then check on your end for a block? I am here with arms open. Your home is you. But you are also home here with me and I ask you to let go, throw away, confront, burn anything that causes you to disconnect from your Mama energies as I have just done. Here. My Mama can believe what she wishes to believe. That does not mean she is right or left?

Not does it mean I am either? And look? You’re doing good? Just not connected to your Mama energy? Kind of like me? Except your running like gramma? I’m confronting like grandpa Tidwell did and Nana? I hate this complex life too baby and see it has caused a lot of disruptive mannerisms and I have worked for years to get a grip on? I do this for myself which means I do it for you? No matter how crazy I look? I move energy baby and am the damn change. You know that?

And leaving was best. I didn’t like it either. But baby. You are never alone? And my prayers are always with you and around you like a fan blanket. Hell my own Mama acts crazy to me and looks crazy to me? But I still drive my ads up to see her even if all she wants to do is fight? I tell her off to give her what she seems to want? A kick in the head? So she can wake up? And see her blessings?

I see mine. Even the crazy is a blessing. I don’t judge. I feel and express and release and transmute. And your welcome for giving such a damn shot about your energies being balanced. But? Seems like going up to live near my Mama made you better, why can’t you see that for me? That I need a good connection with her? Seems a bridge needs finishing? And it looks to me like your the finisher? Thank you.

May god bless you as you finish this work and bring it home. Xoxo

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