I identify


being psychic is hard when you don’t know who you came from and then find out your Moms a hell of a Christian and blocked.

I just am psychic. And I now accept this gift before all of you. And my Mama can just pray a Hail Mary or something because God made me this way.

I’ve fought with my gifting for years and now I am just gonna roll with it. I do hear Angels and dead people speaking to me and I’m ok with that because most of them are relative that are guiding me because my Mamas not.

Being psychic is a help when you just roll with it. It’s like God gives you a heads up. Like when I went to see my Mama and I heard something was gonna happen and I could pray for her protection before it happened. That’s totally cool.

Some people get angry at my seeing. They don’t want to know. But if we listen? We have an opportunity to change it. Pray something different in. Being psychic is a gift. And talking to the divine is a gift that I cherish, and hearing back is a gift I have lived with my whole life without my Mama.

To know that you have a direct line to the throne room is a responsibility I cherish. I’ve prayed many people to safety for my insights. And that’s a damn gift and not a curse. Scriptures back it up. And the church has it all wrong. That’s why I am speaking up about it. It’s time to educate ourselves about such things and not stay in ignorant fear of something so natural.

Being a psychic just means I am connected. Being psychic means I have a direct line to the divine. Being psychic means I have a responsibility to practice my gift to help humanity. And I do. All day and night long. I work for the highest good of all.

Being psychic means I am spot on with my Mamas issues with me. And she’s just buying time. Time is up Mama. And your girls wanting to come home completely. And good luck trying to keep me out when I am so far in you? It’s just silliness.

My kid got into a wreck. And my Mama can’t even call me? Whatever Mama. Whatever family. I won’t back down or shut up. Because this is what adoption did to us. And your gonna face it with me here so you can find peace. Because this? Is not peace and god wants us all to have peace. I am not the one who robbed the peace, the idea that I was wrong robbed the peace and it needs to be changed.

The sickness is in a family that can’t see me as a blessing. So. Good luck with that Mama. Cuz gods gonna deal with you about me until you let go of that bag of poo about your girl and touch is down the heavenly commode.

This people. Is what being adopted is like. Coming home to no parade for your victory finding home and Mama. We go because Mama says so. We come home because God says so and find shit like this at the door to clean up? And I’m done with this. I’m done with people staying ignorant about things.

I am a blessing! Lord. Take the scales from my Mamas eyes off. Help her see her blessing. Heal my Mamas eyes that need so many glasses to see clearly. Thank you. Amen.

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