Angela is trying to buy a house in Oregon. What is your deal? Throw it away? Whatever it is is getting in the way of life?

Her car got totaled like yours? Wake up. She’s your granddaughter and I am your daughter this is Ludacris. You’ve blocked me from being able to even call you about stuff like this and have needed to see exactly what’s blocking you too!

I saw what blocked me and spoke up about it. In front of everyone. Like I feel God demands us to do. Quite being so suspicious Mama. What the hell else is going on is all in your head.

My daughter got in a car wreck and you can’t even call either of us? By your own hand? She wants to buy and how in Oregon and that’s closer to you you ninny! Whatever you are holding against anyone must be forgive. Including yourself dear lady.

God is using what you dreamed a mistake to show you the gift my darling Mama. Look at pure love. Nothing can stand in the way of this kind of love Mama. Not even you can stand in its presence and that’s just sad. You are most magnificent in many ways. And your just stuck in the mud. And I won’t leave you until your free.

Call me. Angela’s gonna buy a house!!! Come on. If I don’t hear from you I am gonna come up there to see you because I am worried about you Mama. This isn’t like you. You love challenge Mama. We are a sure thing. Don’t cry anymore over that spilled milk. I cleaned it up. Here for you. Xoxox.

Now call me. I’m excited😜💋❤️

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