God’s our source and has all the credit in the world.


You better watch this Mama?

This woman is amazingly connected to God and give very good messages of guidance. It is a general reading? So glean what you can? I personally feel that you have many messAges and do need to do some cleansing. We all are cleansing here. So your not alone Mana? Ok?

This is a new age and God got some new moves!! Get excited!! God’s moving and the angels are all around you Mama! Helping us!! It’s so damn amazing to be used of God and watch!! Xoxox.

Now you know my gots Mama? I edify!! I prophesy!! I just get out of the way! And God’s gifts move through me! And you!! We are servants Mama! For different causes and each is equally important. Everyone’s gifts are important, but there comes a point when we must get out of our own way? And allow God to move? Even if it your Mama? Especialy if it’s your ‘Mama!!

Now watch and listen to God speak through this woman. I rebuke fear off my Mama right now in Jesus Name!! Amen. It’s safe Mama. I checked it all out with God first. We facing our fears Mama and old doctrine that inhibit growth! Amen. Old doctor ones are like old apps in the brain? They need updating? Remember? Jesus? He had to butt years with the Old Testament? New ? He was a rebel of the old and brought the new updates. God’s evolved too. We are god’s fingers to experiences and adapt to our highest good. I know. That’s a big one right there I just wrote. That’s how much my mind expanded when we parted. Ok?

Like Boom!! I’ve spend years adjusting Mama. Expanding. Growing. And it’s not easy? No. But it’s my life. Ok? I’m like Samson. And you were told somethings about me that maybe didn’t make sense at the time and could have scared you? It you followed. Ok? Sound right? My gifts are blossoming and I am telling you this to confirm the accuracy. Your my Test.

Fear will have no reign over my family in all directions if time. I stamp love on my DNA. And grace. And forgiveness. We will throw our sins and the sins of others into a pile. And give them to God. We have lost nothing. We have gained so much. And we are about to see what this little johnny apple seed planted Mama. A garden to rival any garden. The plants? Are human.

And my graduation is here. God’s child from you. I’m tearing down the temple to build it back up. I’m deleting the old to make room for the new. God. In me is doing this work. Now watch the video. Tell your fear dogs to go rest. Love them pet them. It’s ok Mama. Fear does rise up and bark, when the bridegroom cometh. Yes. A blessing comes to you daughter from Mary. Yes. God. Love you. That much. And trained me to be your special messenger. So cool. I never saw it coming either Mama? I just trusted God like you so long ago.

a loving God would never send you anything that was not for your highest God. Get unblocked too. We all are working Mama. Not just you. But for me? I am not leaving my Mama behind in no darkness. I’m gonna shine my light to lead her through the valley of the shadow of her egos death, to the light of her soul in Christ. The flesh may be weak. But the spirit is stronger. Xoxo.

Your doing real good. Ok? Your right where you are supposed to be. Divine Order is Divine order? Ok? God is all and all is God. Truth. You are loved. Always.

God’s just helping us all clean our emotions and Intellect up so we all can do better. And started with me. And I’m sharing the process here.

Love ya! Can you feel the weight go? Bye bye!! Say to yourself, “god really love me, my baby really loves me” and keep doing it. Write it on your mirror in the bathroom. Read it to yourself. You are the captain of your ship. Command it! Speak like God. But say what you want and want what you say. It takes work. Yes. The flesh is weak. But training that mind and tongue? To be a scalpel is what God did for me. A mental surgeon. And yes Mama. I am many faceted. My talents are many. It’s endless. Just like you? But my limited are endless and so are yours. You just told yourself different? Ok? Let it sink in. I love you so much. So very much.

And I’m proud of you for taking this medicine. Salt. Truth. And getting the updates. Our karma is as clean as the work we have done. And for me? I worked! And worked! And worked!! My family is everything to me. All of it!


Thanks folks for reading my letters to my Mama with me. And holding space for us as I show you all how we heal and come full circle!!

Blessing to you all! In all directions if time for being witnesses! Xoxo💋

When we lean not unto our own understanding

We allow God to lead us where no man has ever gone before in our human form.

Your story is your story? It’s a book. And God has read all the pages. Even the ones we thought we tore out. Let’s us just own the shit with the groceries. Like we would have one without the other? And let us remember, shits got a use? In a garden. Let us plant the shit of our lives into the garden and watch it grow.

Throw that shit out. If someone standing in the way? They wanted that shit? It’s there? If it wasn’t ? They would not be standing there taking it!? Ok? Throw it out! Watch Hod take a shorty truth and make it grow? Go on? Test it? I did? Now you need to? You can’t just love on stories? We got to live and act out? Watcher comes? Your lines are already in you? But you can change the story line? Like I just did?

So try it? Test for peace? Can you believe for it? Will you face your persevered demons? It’s like walking down a dark hall? Or a house of horror? But in life we struggle to maintain? Like reality is subjective? Fact? Fact. Some people are working out some shit? Alone? And on the street or a fine home? In a career they wanted and yet now are a prisoner too? Everyone’s working on shit? What do I do? Spit it out? If it tasted bad? Tell the universe no. Not that? More of this please? We are driving this planet too! But we all need to grow up and know that begins in all of our minds collectively? Hello?

Listen. This is my graduation ceremony here with spirit. Ok? I came to do this and be this. And you all need to fricking sit up. My Mama prayed very hard for this day even thought she did not see it like? She forgot her drama queen within? That’s ok? She’s see it now? She sees. And it’s beautiful. She’s elegant.

And you all need to get that shit straight. Ok? My mamas beautiful and elegant. Let’s say it together class? Yeah. I like it. Let’s keep it going. Your Mama is beautiful and perfect. Yes. Say it out loud. Cry if you have too. Write it on your mirror back to you. Say it. Because if you believe your Mamas beautiful? Then you are beautiful. No matter that folks don’t get you? Fuck um? They don’t get themselves? Many people don’t? Yet?

But I just figure we all are seeing each other differently as the planets eclipse. And our minds eclipse into a new story line? Wow!! So yes. I’m crazy enough to tell you all what I saw and now see? I deleted it. Cleaned the slate to be ready to receive. Be sued the dogs are barking. And our bridegroom cometh. Jesus is always coming towards us. Our fears are the dogs we must educate and train to alert, but not attack our lover. Our lamp is the hope of our dreams. The fuel is our faith in the word, the code ingrafted within us that guides us on our journeys.

It’s is a setting it and forget it code. Load it in and watch it go. It’s a foundational teaching channeled in code that we must learn and rightly divide, and know and maintain it in love. What is love? I’ll talk about that later. We all need to know and recognize love and our deceptions? Or limited understandings? That we all came to transcend and transmute? Meaning? We do have learned behaviors and instinct? Many are given to us through DNA and are someone worse missed mark, and arrow we step on or walk into that needs to be seen and shot again. Make sense? A mistake can be taken again?

Love is the target. Speak what is so what truly is in love can process you. Learn the codes and connected them to the signs sent my a loving universe to us the student of this life. So we all can be Jesus? Why not? What did he do? Let’s do that? Follow the leaders? All of them and ascend! Go higher in your mind and in life and watch this planet go higher! It’s a win win. Love always wins.

That’s Me and Mama like Owls we lean of intuition, which is God, we pray and pay attention to the signs and songs to lead us to? Peace and love. We made it Mama. Loves all I’ve got for ya!! Just say the word? I’ll be there. I’ll be there. Whenever you my name, I’ll be there. Cuz I was sent by god? Xoxox