Legs in the air!!

Oh yeah. And gonna get my freak on? Oh Chelsie? I think you said I said that to you? Lol.

I cut the air baby girl! I cut it. So. Ok.

god is good. Yep. So read my read and weep. I’m done with that old shit and being trapped by what all you all think about me? Ok? Yeah. Go. My Mamas ready for the storm now no thanks to anyone of my family but me. She’s ready for whatever is coming after I told her my truth! She’s got this shit on lock and I don’t even need to go up to see her. She’s ready for it.

I’m public. So she needs to be ready. Early. Ok? That’s how Mana like it that’s how Mama gets it!! Ok? And I don’t give a shit no more about any haters up in my DNA family. Cuz you hating yourselves when you try to hate on me.

I’m changing shit once and for all! I’m cleaning my house and anyone else house that’s stinking up the planet! Babies are blessings. End of discussion. My Mama did her best at the time. But the times have changed and now it time to pay it damn forward to those who are being born today! Beyond me. Beyond you. Children matter to God most!

I love this message!!

My Mamas an original gangsta and she don’t even know what that is!! Unless Chelsie told her? Like that cups comin. Oh yeah! And my Daddy in me gonna make sure of it! And Phil? And Elmer. We all got shit. So witness this. My Mamas a gangsta. Original.

This ride has been so damn crazy. So damn crazy. And to see it coming full circle when my Mama didn’t even expect her Baby to come back with such force? To push away the lies. To blow up that shit talk. To blow away the haters even in her own family? Wow!

Haters gonna hate. But I love my Mama and told her the damn truth so she could see straight. Like hello! For nothing. I didn’t ask for a dime. Just a damn cup of love that mine already!

Alrighty then

Well. I’ve got it all. I’ve given it to my Mama like the world wanted me too. And you know what? Grace is all over it now. I’ve confessed all that was poured into me. I’ve bares my heart and exposed where the wounds were that now are my battle scares.

How could I think such things? Well? Easy? There was nothin else to think? My Mamas never really shared her feeling with me about it? And if I would like to draw those stories out of her I need to make room for them by creating space within me for them to enter and live. Seems logical and yet so emotionally charged that most people don’t go where I went to balance it all out?

I learned a lot about myself and my parents for sure. But mostly about myself and what really matters to me. Family. Respect. Responsibility. Ownership. Taking off an emotional skin that doesn’t match who you really are is key to expose the beauty under a cheap paint job.

What are we all really? But just spirits in bodies made my others who have passed on what they have been given. Well my Mama gave me a bit more than any other child beside an adopted child. She sent me away to be better. She did that for me.

And I made it. Thanks Mama. Xoxox 💋❤️💋❤️💋

Chelsie Lynn

you’re damn right im bot having it.

God is in control of me and you baby girl. God is all and all is god. Don’t even think that any of my fleshly fears spoken or written and released can stop god from turning karma around. For us. Oh dear one. Gods working and it out for our best if we both kept believing for our highest good.

And I am. And I purge. All that got in the way of our blessing. I war, yes. With flesh and blood? No. The mind my darling. My own. And those ideas planted within me that you inherited from birth. I work to transform the DNA and the programming of separation and the thought that any of us is separated or separated. We are not.

I send you loving energy each day. If you don’t feel it then check on your end for a block? I am here with arms open. Your home is you. But you are also home here with me and I ask you to let go, throw away, confront, burn anything that causes you to disconnect from your Mama energies as I have just done. Here. My Mama can believe what she wishes to believe. That does not mean she is right or left?

Not does it mean I am either? And look? You’re doing good? Just not connected to your Mama energy? Kind of like me? Except your running like gramma? I’m confronting like grandpa Tidwell did and Nana? I hate this complex life too baby and see it has caused a lot of disruptive mannerisms and I have worked for years to get a grip on? I do this for myself which means I do it for you? No matter how crazy I look? I move energy baby and am the damn change. You know that?

And leaving was best. I didn’t like it either. But baby. You are never alone? And my prayers are always with you and around you like a fan blanket. Hell my own Mama acts crazy to me and looks crazy to me? But I still drive my ads up to see her even if all she wants to do is fight? I tell her off to give her what she seems to want? A kick in the head? So she can wake up? And see her blessings?

I see mine. Even the crazy is a blessing. I don’t judge. I feel and express and release and transmute. And your welcome for giving such a damn shot about your energies being balanced. But? Seems like going up to live near my Mama made you better, why can’t you see that for me? That I need a good connection with her? Seems a bridge needs finishing? And it looks to me like your the finisher? Thank you.

May god bless you as you finish this work and bring it home. Xoxo

Capricorn anger.

This video is spot on. And my anger was boiling after coming home with my high standard. And no one even gave a shit about being what we are which is family. Like I get family ties more than my own family does? And my Mama can just be upset and sulk like a child. Go on. Sulk Mama. It’s so fashionable and classic.

I need my family to get that about me even if I may never, go to see them again. I may not. I really can’t stand lies because I had to live a lie my whole life when I knew who I was from was not who I was with. And my Mama was just like, yeah, let’s just not meet. She was like, I’m good. Yeah no. And that people? Is fucked up. My Christian language won’t express that in the words they tell you to say that are acceptable to God and the church standard.

Fucked up is the only word that describes coming home to such a mess. So family if your even reading this? Go fuck yourself. You thought I was crawling to you? Ha ha! The one good thing you did Mama dear was to give me to Mama Jean. Beyond my childhood longing for you? She stayed. She held on. She loved beyond what your ass can do. So. Thanks.

You have not cut the mustard with me dear family. Nope. I am a Capricorn who’s lived without you and most everyone’s family to me. So? Yeah. You missed my boat when it went by cuz your camps stinks and you’ve got fleas and I simply can’t deal with such slovenly Christian behaviors. So. Yeah. Good luck with that task. My patients is gone. And I surely don’t need some half ass people gumming up my life with yesterday’s news cuz they don’t know how to practice Christ.

For 20+ years I loved you. For 30? I loved you. So for 55 years I’ve loved your sad asses. And now? I’m sailing away. To a better day. Cut free from a genetic tie that God just helped me cut. I got all the good qualities and turned the bad ones into gold. And if Chelsie like you? Well? Good. Your gonna need her someday. Maybe she’ll be there. I don’t know? When she finally sees and recognizes, all your actions towards me are so fucked up too? She’s clean your clocks. Trust and believe. She loves her Mama.

I know that deep within. Cuz I love mine even if she’s a messed up mental case of a woman who’s a hermit and can’t seem to clean up what she started and leaves it to a woman with no Instructions? Lol. Hide in your bible. Go on.

Life is about challenges and you all suck at that shit. Bunch of pansies that wilt in the noon days sun. Chelsie Lynn? I have no idea what your seeing honey buns, in these folks? But God bless you baby for being a light in their dark world. I love you dearly. And I am so proud of you for getting yourself sorted out and not making me clean your life up. You learned how not to be like my Mama and that’s a good thing doll. Props to you.

Adoptions a three sided thing. I’ve waited years to speak my mind and the mind of the child who had to wade through such a mess of an idea. Mama Jean did pretty good. I’ve seen how my Mama handles things and I kiss the ground that woman walked on to come get me out of such a low place of being born from to take me to a place of unconditional love sent from God. And my Mama can read all day and night and will never reach the heights of love I have experienced from the Mama she gave me too.

So Go! Go on. Get. Off the porch of my mind and take your raggedy ass back to the hole I drug you out of to put you on display and show the world about. Go. Pray some more go on and talk to whoever your talkin too. You’re gonna need the grace I talk about when you stand before your king and account for your actions about rejecting me, his child. I’ll probably get a front row seat to the karma show. Cuz you’ve asked for a ass whipping for blocking God.

Bye. God bless.

I forgive you. But I simply don’t need some ignorant idiots who can’t practice their Christian virtue with around me. We never even prayed about this? Lord. Help my family and thank you for cutting the unhealthy ties to such a bunch of people. I won’t take back a word of how this has made me feel and if you want to hold onto yesterday’s trash? I can’t stand the smell? So keep it. Go on. Keep it and hold onto it. Cuz I’m done with all of you. Done. You can come find me? Maybe I’ll answer. But I am pretty sure I just won’t go there. You’ve had plenty of time to get with it. I’ve got a life to live. And this shits not going with me and neither are any of you for that matter. Boundary. Now you feel what I felt. Good.

Tweet tweet

These kind of tweets are thoughts we all experience waking up from a fog so thick it takes instinct to see through.

Selfish Adoptive parents won’t be tolerated. If we must be grateful? Then so do Adoptive parents need to practice gratitude for even having the chance our Mamas gave them with their own flesh and blood! Damn it.

Don’t even keep trying to make me pay. I’ve paid with my life and so have all adoptees. A life that could have been fine had our Mamas not been lied to. If society had supported birth and creation. A life God sent us too and was cut short for ignorance sake. Well? Ignorant is gonna have to learn.