I sang a song to my Mama

In the 1990’s, I lived in The Nashville area of Tennessee. And my Mama came to see me sing at the Texas Troubadour Theater near Opryland Hotel. It’s was such a dream come true for this girl to have her Mama there to get her ready to sing.

Mama came and helped me use self tanner. Which is quite the feat? She was a pro at it and taught me how to apply it and wash my hands promptly after application. Thanks Mama.

She took me to a thrift store and got me the most amazing dress, that fit to a tee. And made me look so glamorous. So glamorous. Like Cinderella. Except a country singer. Lol.

She helped me with my hair and make up. And she came and watched me perform my song. “Love Can Build A Bridge” by the Judd’s. I had auctioned to a boom box. Lol. And won the crowd! It’s was surreal! I mean I am a country girl who’s grown up without her roots? What did I know about my own voice? Mama Jean said I wasn’t using my own voice when I sang? Which puzzles me? Who’s voice am I using them? Lol.

Guess I was pretty damn close? Or that damn good? I don’t know? I just love to sing!!

Anyway, mama heard this song that is below and I am posting to remind her what I sang to her face is still true. And bridges take work. And demons don’t work. But angels do. Our bridge is done Mama. We built a bridge together. Between your heart and mine.

Love is the language of the Bible Mama. Any other emotions is flesh and blood, fear. Fear is not the language of love. Fear not. God did not send you a demon seed. The seed was in your head, some kind of thought that God was not blessing you with me coming home?

Dare I say? God is the author and finisher of our faith? Shall either of us argue with how God is using us to affect change? Our lives matter as much as anyone else’s. This woman’s faith only goes to eleven. I can’t dummy down in my faith that this is not our destiny. And that unity is our end results. I’ve done the math and you are everywhere in my equation and I am stepping up to alert the world of your presence within me. Which I feel is a deep gesture of honor towards you.

I have been dismayed by your responses to my attempts to connect with you and talk. Please. Listen to this song Mama. And remember me. Remember my song and do what you know is right by us both and god above all. What would God do if God where you? Not what would you do if you were God? By the scriptures, what would God do about me? Leave me out? Or bring me in? What?

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