By the way Mama?

Oh, by the way Mama? I like challenge and believe you do to? You threw me to challenge and now I challenge you back and raise you! Bam! And don’t give me any excuses missy! Step up. Obedience before sacrifice. You’ve obeyed once, now obey again for your blessing are waiting to be released to you!! We all are worthy when we believe we are.

What I have spoken has been the review of our past and clearly I have hit the marks and spoken the truth for us both. I advocate for change. I speak up to help folks see. My truth is public for all to see and read and be mentally challenged so growth can happen in the arena my platform is. And people have called me crazy a lot. So? No I am showing the world how crazy it is, with a little perspective from a child within who’s lives it!

I’m calling societies ideas and policies a bit crazy and we the crazy ones that don’t fucking step up and change it? People just lament and limp along! My Mama will not limp! Not on my watch!! Neither will my sister limp!

I get it. Yes I do. I came from an era of mistakes and missed marks. I came from a world filled with turmoil and angst. And I can see better for us all. We just have to change the patterns we have become used to to get a better result.

I am challenging your beliefs because I have learned different and better from your choices. The choices that were available to you limited your ability to even fathom the results I have told you I have struggle through. Through. That you think I am insane tells me you might be. And insanity is just doing the same thing and expecting a different results Mama. It’s not a death sentence. We all go insane from time to time doing things the same ole dame old way.

Take my spiritual hand and allow me to lead you into a new way of seeing things. It’s all out and no one hates you darling Mama? This is pure love pushing a fake version aside and stripping the mask we dawned for fear away to show a Mama and her daughter still connected after so many years and pushing each other buttons like folks do. Listen to this song Mama.

My daddy loves you within me Mama. I can feel that as truth. He fell for you. And that was such a good thing Mama. The shame was you didn’t see it maybe and got scared at such a passionate profession of love? Let that go cuz it’s coming back around in me. Take a leap of faith. Why not? Test God and see. Practice the scriptures Mama and see God come through like no other time for you now.

I came back to love you. Let me. Let go of the past. A new day has dawned. But like David, in the Bible, with the ark of the covenant, you must take a step of faith to see God part the water to cross the river to the promised land. God has not sent me back to let you down, but to lift you up Mama.

It’s in the cards and the stars and fated so.

Just listen and remember the man god sent to make me with MaMa. His love lives on in me Mama. And it’s a good thing. It’s a good thing.

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