If a person has gotten themselves to the place in life that they can stand as Jesus stood, with anyone and feel God? That person has leveled up in life. Because it’s a blessing to be able to relate to anyone, and it’s a sign of much education to even be able to even maneuver through life like walking in love.

I tell my stories to send inspirational vibrations to anyone that can read. My stories will take the breath away. I will snatch your old stale breath and blow a fresh clean breath into your soul. And you will feel it deeply. Why? Because I just get the hell out of Gods way, and allow God, remember God? To use me!

It is a blessing to trust God enough to follow the voice, remember? That still, small, voice? That we all know? That speaks, when we truly, truly, need to hear a good word. The voice that comes in the darkness and speaks a soothing message that just makes sense and calms us. That voice is God, universe, Mother Earth, All!!

  • Christians and Muslims, Irish, Protestant, Catholic, we all are connected and began from 3. We are the trinity. Walking talking breathing trinity. It’s a time of waking up to this complete knowledge. God wishes for us to trust completely in the ball that is called earth and our home. God speaks to us all! Are we truly listening? I work one by one on tuning folks higher into the main grid, the divine, through Jesus, and Buddha because God is in us all! God is in me typing, because I got out of the way.
  • Like many brothers and sisters in stories of old, I test the codes they left exploring this place with God? The supreme GPS! The words written by men and woman, the stories spoken by men and woman who got the hell out of the way and let God take the wheel. Those who saw that the war was in the mind, body, spirit and worked like Jesus to update people and get them back to truth.
  • Jesus got out of the way, as an evolved son of the most high God who is the ruler within us? Gods within us? Wake up! Pay attention! We are three. Mind, body, spirit. Father, son, and Holy Spirit. Right and left brain, cor·pus cal·lo·sum

ˌkôrpəs kəˈlōsəm/

All is connected. And all begins in this mind. We are going higher. In this mind that is we. The signs have been many. In songs and in video, movie, events. We all are going within to the throne room inside each of our hearts, and taking the time to give credit where credit is due. We live within a mammal body. When a spirit leaves, the body decomposes, the spirit of a person is God and takes on a vibrational signature and can be felt. I’ve tested it. I can access anyone in this grid.

I now realize I have leveled up with God and am ecstatic!! Like Gods using me and the pays amaZing!! God will take care of you when you get out of the way and work with and trust god within completely. And that when we do? We see a new relationship with God as God shows you how to drive, guides you like a Mama and a Father. God is that infinite and we need not have a lack for anything?

We hang in space, with no string to hold us here? Hello! Look up!! Take flight! Remember! Who’s you are! And that we planned it like this? We each are ideas of God and work with God one on one first, until we can walk it on our own. But God never leaves as we walk on our own two feet? God blesses you while you are practicing the codes, scriptures that are all within our DNA? I mean it’s a wider picture of everything working together and the psychosis of this cell at times of change. Many people get stuck. And need help figuring it out? Like new software?

I was shocked when my own Mama was visibly behind on her understanding about Adoption! She had the education of a 25 year old woman. Disabled in understanding is not ever tolerated. We can realize this? Or bang around like cattle being prodded to move in the new direction! Wandering in a desert? Hello? I speak to those who have wandered learning and who are being called to speak what they have learned from their travels. Which is all of us no matter who, where, we are in life. You can wander in a nice house and in a desert. Ok? Code is a hint. And you have to be able to break the codes higher meaning to go higher. Fact. I’ve done it. And we all can. And I teach people all day long for nothing but love!! Knowing I lay it on the line and that God will, take care of my needs and my wants for doing this.

Imagine. If we all did? Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together and running over, shall men give unto your bosom. Paraphrase. Look it up. It’s in a bible. Look up the words written in a dictionary man? And learn. Ok? It’s easy to level up because knowledge is power babe. Win win is the mark.

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