I met this song bird… and his song spoke to me.

Below is a song written by a man I just met at a Days Inn in Arcata, Ca. I met his lady bird. And he wanted a reading. He seemed so hungry to hear from God. To know God could see him the way he sees himself. Whole. Complete. A warrior. So I showed him by getting out of the way and letting God use me. It a fabulous job. And I love it.

I was reading a psychology major after her shift and telling her of the marvelous mind game of tarot and how it is a fun way to do vital mind work. And this man circled us, hovering for a divine message, for he was walking his shadow of death hallway to ascension and needed some light for his way.

This man is gift. And his song spoke so deeply to me. So much so I want to share it with anyone who reads here. He touches so many places and sheds acceptance and faith and perseverance in his words and I believe he is a words wizard of these times. Please listen. And please spread this word and let us see this star born and promote from within.

Thank you.

let’s make this dude go viral!! Give what you would want given and see what you want appear. It’s an amazing code when you love and give from your heart and touch people. He touched me. I hope he touches you as he sings a piece of your story back to you in a new way.

I pray blessings on this man. Lord please bless him and bring him higher so all can hear his gift. Amen.

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