Yes, Mama, I’m studying the tarot. So what?

Does not the words dictate that we study to show ourselves approved? A workman who need not be ashamed?

Like does attract to like. Mama. I’m like you. Just different. And I’ve attracted to you like a moth from the flame she was made from. And I’m just so done being nice to you. I am doing the kindest thing a daughter can do for you; which is to tell you her truth so you can let the truth you have that is tied to her go. So we can build something way better.

With the two of us? And the girls and family? We can do better.

Tarot is nothing more than a mind game that helps with manifestation of our highest good. And I went there to learn. And there is not evil in learning when your heart is right?

Look at the card on the bottoms of the deck? Seems Gods telling me to tell everyone. We’ve graduated at last to a way better life. And God uses tarot to help me heal. So win win. Xoxo.

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