Who. Tell me. Doesn’t love a story?

And who doesn’t love their birth story? I tell my kids there birth story and how they came to be so much it drives them crazy. And it should? I’ve never heard mine. And it makes me want them to have there’s branded into them. Because I know what not having it does to you. I’ve longed to know mine. Good, bad, all of it in its glory. Because mine.

What is a name without its story? What is a book that has lost some of its pages and chapters? Good god? A mess! And incomplete. My Mama has no idea what closure means. She told me she was over it. Well think again Mama? Think again sweet lady I came from. Stop the train and go within and take another look. Please. Cuz I’ve got content from 2014 that shows different and I hate to be the one truly I do to break it to ya. Your not. And I am.

You’ve been looking into a mirror with me. And you saw you and my daddy girl. And you’ve been arguing with yourself honey. Cuz that’s how it is here for us all. Everyone is a mirror. Some mirror the good and some mirror the bad. And it’s all learning. Because the body your living in is a temple. And a vehicle that the spirit that is Linda Marie rides in. And God showing this to you now through your own child. Can you see that yet? How long? Until you see yourself in me and call her blessed? How long?

You have studied enough. Your cup runs over girl and it’s wasting away on your dining room floor. You have a truth that must be spoken. For I am telling you this. Your truth needs to be spoken and get the hell over yourself already. Yes. I am being very firm and straightforward. You will thank me later. Call me. Let’s begin again. And I will lead us better. Ok? I’ve learned a better way by following God and doing what God tells me. I know what obedience is Mama. But? Well? You tell me? Is this blocking feeling good? Is there peace in it? And if not? Maybe go the other way and see if it might get a little better? Towards me? Call me. It’s time. You’ve drug around long enough. It’s time.

God has called us higher. You Virgo are with Capricorn on a mountain and you didn’t even realize it. Lol. I love god. So good to help us get over our fears and throw us into the street like a loving father to show us off. We need to hold our heads up high Mama. We have done as good as we could. It’s our job to teach the world now how to do better but we had had better we would have done better. Get that into your head. No turning back now. I’ve burned our pasts emotions to the ground. We will never forget. We are not supposed to forget a lesson.

Obey the Lord now. It’s a warning. The car wreck was a warning. And your off course with me. Get back on course and give your heart and life back to God. Let Jesus take the wheel Mama with me. And obey. Remember? Obedience before sacrifice? Obey now. Call me. Let go.

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