This is a tarot card.

My Mama has expressed very strong feeling towards my new practices. And it has lead me to believe, by her words and actions that she’s quite conflicted. I drew this card and saw she and I as the people twined together with swords. So true. And she and I seem to be at war. And yet swords in the tarot is symbolic of mental process and belief systems. Mental issues or manifestation. Manifestation is a mental process first before what you have dreamed of comes into physical form. We must have faith in our dreams and that they are attainable.

I’m not sure Mama Realized that God wanted to give her some back that she gave away? And it seems strange to me a Christian who’s known this truth for years, to see her own Mama waver in her storm about me, with God? It’s not good to tell God no. And my Mama seems to be so hell bent to disobey? Like wow! And she got the whole family doing it? I’m so shocked? Family are to come together. What’s the proverb about the woman who tears her own house down? Yeah. That.

I mean my Mama a strong woman. Yet cold as fish right now. Filled with word and no time to practice with her own preacher daughter? Seems odd? So strange? I work for god each day. I ride to great my lord and lady. For god is both as we can clearly see all these images of woman and men in his image also? Like I wonder sometimes about folks? And the code? The Bible? Like it was written in love for god is love. Does it also not say that? And yet. We pour over it and preach such fear based and demonstrative sermons with our tongues and cut at our own flesh doing so? Like. Ok. Hell fire and brimstone a good for us if you want to eat it? But why are we sacrificing ourselves?

Did not Christ try to get our attention? He died on a crops for our missed marks. For speaking truth! Christ is within me. And my own Mama couldn’t even attend my crucification if my flesh? She had to watch and read about it here. So sad. I crucified myself Mama. Hello. To show you how. Your egos got ya honey bun. You’ve been acting like a wild cat and I have been your mirror. Jumping here and there for god who’s was talking to ya through your own flesh and blood! Lol. God’s so funny when you realize he loves you so much he did do that for you my darling one.

Take a moment. Breath. And just let this sink in. The ultimate surgeon came to your door and use me to set that mind free to love the part of you that’s in me. Just pray Mama. Get into your heart space. Let that mind go. Give it to god. Obey. Like me. And you’ll be free. Call me. It’s the final step to freedom. Let’s all step into the promised land. All of us can have what I attain now with my own Mama. Your arch and see if the glory is not fallen as I type. God’s In The house. Let God lead. I am a messenger. Don’t kill the Messneger because you struggle to understand the message. God is loving you when he prunes us. Despise not the corrections of the Lord. For whom the Lord loves, he corrects. You are loved and zoos has corrected your course. We are right on time. Act and let god’s glory fall again on this family. Let us see the glory we read if today. Faith. Hope. And love is the greatest if these.

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