A card to understand by

This card shows a beetle that’s got 5 flowers or cups. She looks back and her faded flowers. And mourns her looses. As we can see three withered flowers behind her and two fresh blooms in front. This cards speaks of loss and also helps redirect the viewers mentally back to the mind set of abundance. Flowers wither. This is true. But more bloom. If we spend much time in sorrow we midis opportunities. I’ve learned this the hard way so I can help folks navigate life’s ups and downs. God has walked with me and I report my true feelings and show how I got beyond them.

I lead my Mama and whoever reads here out of their darkness and into the light of truth, grounded in love. Now there is a scripture that comes to my mind when I see this card and that’s why I am teaching the tarot. If used properly if is a great tool. But one must be seeking higher knowledge and the highest good. I want to ground this tool into the scriptures as I am sure Doreen Virtue is learning as I type. So cool. She’s learning about Jesus after learning tarot. I’m teaching tarot after learning about Jesus. Cool.

Below is the scripture that this read is steeped in. And it guides us to Morin our losses or we drag them with us and miss opportunities. Forgiving ourselves first so we can know forgiveness and give it freely. Is key. Yes. And sadly to say Ive been to many churches and been fed dirt. And I’ve been to a many a church looking for teaching to help me follow the guide book in love. I only found one. josh rob Morgans Church in Hendersonville TN is it. And that man can teach. He grounded me into the word and expanded my mind. I don’t know about anyone else in that church?

He spoon fed me before my trial in this desert I come out of now where god taught me many things.

Luke 9:62

Verse (Click for Chapter)

New International Version

Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”

What she cards show me is that we must mourn our losses like David, truthfully say I hurt and do self care and surround yourself with caring people who get you, shed them, leave it in the past as an emotionally anchor and set sail to the two blessings god’s sending.

I’ve watched my Mama not get support about us. It’s made me sad and I am sure god sad too. Who loves us all. To see us like this must make God upset. Love is the mark, so what is going on?

See the card? It’s night and there are stars in the sky. So no storms. And yet it says to a dark night if the soul kind of thing. 5 is symbolic of grace in the scriptures/codes. So it’s shows grace is here I. This dark space where one bleeds and mourns losses in processed and accepted. Acceptance is the final phase of grief. My Mama and I now accept what was and what we went through. And I validate her own pain which I don’t think anyone has? Maybe Chelsie Lynn? I’ve not gotten her report yet? Thank you Chelsie. For obeying God.

The sun and the stars in the two new flowers shows me that the sky’s the limit going forward. All one needs to do is turn a head and step into the new.

I feel the church has forgotten how much God loves games and playing boo pee and I said as a child. I always said things weird and I believe it is because I am a poet. Poets come to change the mind.

And I’ve loaded a lot of scripture in me. And I walk my faith like God tells me to. Even when it means saying stuff that Even Mama don’t like, bit she needs. Being a preacher like he is like being Moses with Mama.

But know she’s not pharaoh. She’s Moses Mama. Who needs to see why she sent that bay off? That’s her child would be great in god’s kingdom? And would come home to fight for her honor too! She obeyed back then. Now she got to obey again and she didn’t see that cuz God was gonna yeast that faith of her to the hilt one day. This day. And she will pass this test. And God would send me back to push all her buttons so she would wake up. This day has come. And prophesy that adoptees all over wills see this day. As I carve our way home here with my own Mama. God is a respecter of all person. But his way are higher than ours. If you want the big picture and to see the top of your tapestry, you must trust and obey to get a ride in God’s helicopter so you can view what god’s done with your seeds and to watch them bloom.

I hope this reading has changed your mind a bit about tarot. And about like and scripture. All is god and god is all and we all need to learn why.

God’s calling us all out of rest mindsets to teach us more and help us grow up in the knowing that God is all and all is God.

God bless you today. Watch for god’s blessing. For god has give us power love and a sound mind when we have faith and not fear. Xo

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