It’s horrible when…. and then, a miracle.

It was horrible growing up knowing my Mama was lying to herself about me? It was horrible coming home to an Woman who was now blinded by her own ideas of her own child. It was horrible and I won’t lie to please anyone. Not even her. Why? Cuz we all need to win at life and adoptions like this are a loss until all understand each side of the coin.

Mamas can’t grow better without their own kids shit to nourish her root system that’s been torn by her own hands for a reason she can’t even see? A blessing she can’t even feel worthy of? Mental health is important. Especially for your Mama, Coach, commander, and chef. I was removed and my place altered. But my Mama is still my Mama no matter how far she threw me away.

It’s horrible to have to be the one to wake your Mama up and to know only god could train you to help her. No Mama should be that off course when her gift come back to be opened and she so scared due to her own thoughts about it to even open you up to see what jewels are inside you. But know this. Faith is not built in situations that are comfortable. No. Faith is build through the times when things seem dark, to force your light to shine.

Mamas learning about my faith and it’s changing hers I I speak here to show her what god’s done with her baby seed. And how it’s grown beyond her wildest dreams. So much so? She’s struggling to see herself in me. But she’s here safe within me and she gonna see the world through me as Hod unwraps me for her. So she can see what God did with her child and to grow her faith. Miracle do happen. I am a miracle child. Sent back to love her back to herself wholly.

I am grateful God never gives up.

Thanks for diving deep with me today.

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