I love this guys take on Capricorn woman!!

The reason we are called the devil is because………., once we are done with something and have had enough? Watch out! Because you will see Jesus! Flipping that table, mind, finger, up and over! To get, your attention!! This person here has the ability to drag it out of people and throw it away. Like I am doing for my Mama. It’s like,”give me that shit!” And I take it and throw it away and tell you why! So I know how valuable I am.

And I have a very high standard! Higher law is my standard and God has trained me. Mama could do it. Why? Because it wasn’t loaded into her. And I came to do something. To be the change needed. To bring light to many things. Mama did not see that inside herself. She was right. She did not. And Mama Jean does. And I needed that. This is the ultimate truth here beyond what was and what Mama thought was.

Watch this video. I love the part where he talks about Virgo who’s a freak in the bed behind closed doors!!!!!!! Lol. That’s my Mama. Lol. And she need to walk in that truth and be proud of her sexuality! Especially now. Phil’s body may be dead and gone, but his spirit still lives. And my Mamas not dead even if she feel like it. God and Phil want her to find love. But if Mama can’t release her grief, that’s also attached to me? She will not have that and will block her own blessing. For real. We all do.

I’ve learned this precept at the feet of the almighty. Which for me, is everywhere. God speaks me always. And used me always. I am a vessel of device because my Mama threw me into service when she abandoned me for lack of not having what I needed. Sure. My inner child did not like that? And that’s part of my journey, taming the beasts i came from. Taming the flesh that wars with the spirit that is god within. I am helping Mama love her beast as I do.

She’s not looked into a mirror this clean and pure since the day she gave me away. And it’s shocked her. But energy work is about shone and shining light into dark places. And it’s my calling. And Mama was at the top of God’s list of people to help. And I obeyed. Mama will settle down now that the shock is wearing off. Her system will return to her old self before Phil passed. God’s shown me our promised land. And once you see it? It’s a sign to tell you you can have it. And I believe in signs.

Mama is my Moses. And I am her Arron. And she will see this promised land. It’s is destiny. It’s fated by God. And coming home it natural after you’ve graduated. To celebrate with your Mama and feel her respect at a job well done. Mama did not realize her child would be so bold. She forgot how bold she was that day she walked away. But god’s not done with her yet. No. God’s gonna use her and all those codes from a book to also stand with me activate change. You are ready Mama to do this. Stop procrastinating.

Our time has come. So. Don’t mess with this Capricorn. Saturns in orbit and I am home in my rebuking planets which is karma baby. Sweet karma. I’ve just trimmed my Mama way back like a beautiful rose bush. She gonna bloom ten thousand folks as soon as she out of being dormant. And she will take to the air to speak about her journey. And I will stand by her side and back that woman up!

If I am here? Watch out! Cuz Mama is gonna speak!! Cuz I just lit her ass on fire from my Daddy! Who was a fire sign!

He says to her through me.

Back at ya Linda! “Your welcome” I never forgot about you. And I love who we made. Love her as I did. There was no shame in our game and I feel hard for you my darling. As hard as man can go down I went down for you. You are my twin flame. And our child is now your twin flame and my love is preserved within this child. You only have to accept my pure gift, honey. I am sorry I left you. I apologize for your pain. Please. Don’t take it out on our child my sweetheart. Remember my love for you now because it’s living on in her. So drink it in. I know you are thirsty. Drink.

My father loved my Mama. Like no other. And I am the shameless love child. No one can tell me different. I met the man and he melted like puffy in my hand and wrapped himself around me. I didn’t need to wrap him around my finger. He did it himself like a cat in my arms that’s man loved me so deeply and was so amazed to see what the woman he loved had made from his seed.

Have a great week guys. Thanks for showing up while I deal with my Mama issues!! I hoe you found something that can help you on your journey.

God bless!!

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