So for me and Mama!!

Salsa music and fun!! Yep. I think that’s what God’s trying to get us to do! I feel a celebration coming for us all. I can feel the blessing from the storm. God just lets me feel it like a fresh breeze coming after a rain. I feel the breeze and am telling Mama it’s coming.

Hopefully she has lightened up a bit and is following along with me. As I teach her a thing or two that God’s taught me while she was away. Xo.

Margarita’s too! And Dave’s guacamole!! I still make mine like he did!! So yummy. And everyone hugging and crying and kissing and music and laughter. And family. Lots of family. And me in the middle just soaking it up. I’ve starved for long enough it’s time for us all to feast and make merry.

Like God lead the one back to her 99? That’s so cool. Good twist God. I love this crazy story line as I follow you home to Mama Lord. I’m so grateful that you never let go of me as I just jumped and you caught me. Thank you Lord. For Mama and Daddy, my two knuckles head lovers trying to find their way through life.

Thank you for showing me the good in them, by showing me the good in me beyond all this bad reputation Dad gave me with Mama. Thank you for never giving up on me and for showing Mama I never gave up on her.

She’s a hermit alright. But she my hermit and I love her deeper than the cave she lives in. Xo.

She way more than my side of this story. Trust and believe. She’s deep. And spiritual. And the sacred flesh I came from. Xo.

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