It’s time to get back to who you truly are.

Who you are is my Mama.

Take your life back.

I am part of that life.

Walk away from life without me

Walk towards me and watch the conflicts dissolve.

Test. The Lord. And see.

Have confidence.

Be strong.

I feel like any Mama that’s wanting to change can take encouragement from this to get back to yourself. If you have given a child away, pray, and allow God to bring your child home and do the work. And see the blessing that comes.

Test it. What do you have to loose? Really?

You already lost? And God can make any loss a a win. If you will have faith and trust that God can make it right again.

Mother’s Day is not real happy for me these days. So I’ll just say, may this Mother’s Day be the last that any Mama lives like she never was a Mama. May all Mamas know from this Adoptee today, You matter to us, you matter to your child immensely. Never doubt that. God can heal this and bring your child home.

I am proof.

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