There Is always that one!

You know, when I was 16, living with my Dad over the hottest bar restaurant he ran with his main squeeze, in Colusa and the time, I met Jesus.

And I had been raised in the Presbyterian Church, yet I had never formally accepted Christ? God spoke to my heart through a television evangelist by the name of Jim Baker. A 100 dollar a day herion addict made me take notice and I wanted what she had. I wanted a relationship with God, and Jesus like she told about. She spoke of how God healed her of her addictions. And I wanted to have a relationship with a man, a trinity like that.

I wanted to believe more in God and to know more than I had learned at my church, like her. She was on fire for God. Meaning she was free. And I believe there are many addictions yes. Mine was my Mama’s. And I struggled to listen to God, even above my own Mamas and do what God said to do. And that is sin, when you know better than to put God off.

I did turn my back on religion, but never God.

And I pray for God’s will on earth as it is in heaven.

Let us all pray.

Prayers is what Makes America great, because it makes us great as we practice Christ steps and work to love one another enough to tell the truth and to listen to each other’s truth.

We all can make it a better world.

God does hear us when we pray. Give God a chance. That’s what I did at 16, and I’ve never regretted it. I have regretted that I get lumped in with shallow self centered brothers who drag god into the mud with their actions of hate towards his name.

Mothers do have a lot to do with that. But we all must have faith in God to receive.


For diving deep with today

God bless ya as you chew on my words. Or not. Lol

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