I’m writing, a new chapter! God damn that old one!

I can write better shit than that old life! In Jesus name! Damn that was the hardest thing I have ever done!! Not quite sure what to call it, except, The Purge, Mind, body, soul. I will tell you one thing. When it hits you and your body goes full on reversal on you? Yeah, good luck stopping the tide! Tsunami wave.

And what I see is that God called me higher. And to go higher means you got to loose some weight! Thoughts are things. Wounds are thoughts. Wounds are a low energy. And get lodged in the lower parts of the body. When God calls ya higher all your energies got to match the new frequency.

This process happens all the time in small increments. But for me I saw, that deep within me was lower energies that were in need of release. This blog is where I processed it.

I learned by blogging a lot about my Mamas. That until my truth speaking had been dormant or invisible to me. As I allowed my inner child to express her repressed feelings for lack of anyone to draw her out to speak. I learned about myself and about self love and self validation is powerful indeed.

I am sensitive to energy. I don’t know why exactly. But I am exploring why. I am learning about tools that work with energy. Like tarot. And applying scriptures and prayer along side this added practice to my relationship with God.

Like Doreen virtue. I am a Christian and I am studying these things because I need to know and learn things. God has lead me to these things and I have found that when you come from a Christian based mindset? It’s a whole new game. It’s like God uses the cards to bypass the conventional mind to open you up to higher wisdom into the scriptures and apply them to your life. I’ll share more about that latter as I explore this.

I am writing a new Chapter. I’ve made the old obsolete. Burned it down. Now. Onward. And upward. Lighter. And freer. Forgiven.

And I was sitting here sipping my coffee, longing for some Collagen to put into it. And my mind was wandering as it does in the Moro Ing. As I pick up my thoughts for the day and focus on my messages that come to me. I do feel possessed, with love. And love is cleaning this house. Wow! I am grateful.

But I just love the movie Anne of Green Gables. Orphan who finds a home and her story. Love that show. And my Dad, Huey, gave me the set when I went to see after we meet. I remember it like yesterday. It’s burned into my mind. God let me see the best in him. But I work hard to see the best in people.

If I see an issue I usually tell folks. Telling my Mamas what I did took a lot of guts. In time this will all heal. Truth does that.

But Anne is an orphan in this movie. And she looses her parents at 3 I think? And is bounced around from home to home and used as slave labor for poor families. She then ends up in an orphanage. But not for long. God had a plan.

Well. This new chapter of mine is like a new chapter for Anne with an E. My birth name was Stephanie Anne with an E. But this chapter is the chapter where she finds her Mothers not dead, in a serendipitous journey she come into contact by divine leading to find out her Mama lives.

This is this Anne’s journey home. Filled with drama and heroism. Pain tears. And joy. I’m not done writing. This is the best chapter yet. What will God do?? I am so excited I could spit!!

Clean up crew!! Lord. I ask that you send the angels to clean this old set up so we can build a new one for our new chapter. And let forgiveness lead the way. Amen.

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