A Mama tweets her truth

I appreciate this woman’s ability to recognize she went left and that left taught her what right was. It take Mamas like this to expose what’s really going on when you adopt and that pain and grief are the invisible stealers of the joy Adoption says it is.

Because in the end. For me at least.

I went home.

To my Mama

How come I did not believe?

How come the world thinks we do?

We come from our Mamas insides.

And you think e don’t know when you switch her out?

Come on man. Get real.

I was stolen from and you made my Mama hold the gun.

And I’m still not happy

Cuz adoption left a mess I have to clean up.

And going home after all the years is work.

And the record should show this.

Children would not be rehomed

By people ignorant of the truth?

People would not adopt if they knew

How we feel inside

As we try to make sense why everyone is so damn excited that my Mama didn’t show up to raise me and passed me along to a stranger?

Like I wouldn’t notice a thing?!

This woman noticed and it took awhile.

My Mama noticed too and I want more woman like this one to show her she’s not alone.

It’s take moxy to love your Mama this much.

And she gave it to me.

So I owe her that much.

To tell her the truth I learned growing up as her child labeled adopted.

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