I feel… like

I feel like, after I pray and talk to God about Mama, that is like God’s bring up our old energies, that got swept under the rug, cus that was the only way to deal with it. Back then.

I’m remind of God’s love for us. The cross. The stories that remind us , how much God loves us. And this is a love story all painted in red, from the blood spilled for me, that I spilled back to two woman. My life blood and time, loyalty to both. Integrity to pursue a better, more congruent, emotionally nourishing supportive atmosphere for us to grow together.

I want the reality if we to manifest in physical form. I want to see us United, because a thread between us has always been there from my birth. And I nourished myself from that strand of Mother Energy, and Loved this woman as bets I could without compromising my integrity as your daughter. Which is tricky.

And Ive joined with her. Which means you all are joined to her. And we are actually a family. She’s 83 and it’s time y’all like change the way you are thinking and let’s some fresh stuff in and don’t fight it? I want this for my Mama, mama gave me to. I am asking for you to honor her.

I see her growing older. And I’m not happy because I did what she taught me and my own Mamas not listening to my truth and seeing what is being offered to her. Each day I go to bed and pray for another day with Mama Jean and Mama and that this long over due knot world be tied already.

Listen. I was not gonna bring this family together like we were. And we all need to open our minds. Mine is. You’re just not giving me anything to put in your space. That I reserved for you?

And yes I’m blunt. Because time is of the essence. And Mama Jean deserves this.

From us. I must initiate and you reciprocate.

Chelsie desires this and my children deserve the best family. And you all lacked my content to get me. Especially Mama. Who’s key here with Mama Jean.

And we all need to check our egos at the damn door. And do what’s right.

Mama Jeans ready to meet Mama. She told me she was. But she feels like Mama doesn’t like her. I’m working to tell her that Mama is turned around and all upset and that I blog each to help her see.

Mama Jean worries about me. Being alone when she’s gone. She loves me. And wants my Mama to love me too. She’s not wanting to die this minute. No. But this is high on the bucket list after me.

It’s the next step for us. I’ve done all the dirty work and hung it on the line. So love is all that’s left now. Don’t feel sorry for her. Please. I was a handful and she did it fearlessly. She was an only child like Mama too. And I love her dearly.

I want my Mama to know her. And have time to u wind about me with her as Mama gets to know her soft side. She’s a crab. But she’s soft inside and loving. She’s so patiently waiting for you Mama. Let her in.

Look what’s she’s done for you? She raised me strong enough to come home to you and love you? I keep trying. Just like she did for me. She’s loved you in me. And my Dad too.

You both need each other. And she’s ready. Call me. Please. God’s talking. I’m just telling you what he said. Truth is truth and rings true to The Who reads it.

Lord. Help Mama do this for me, for Mama Jean. I ask you for everyone who shows up to read this and you, that you bring this to fruition. In Jesus name. Amen. Thank you.

We are all worth of this gift. We can change our minds and do something different for a change. I know we are going to like it. I can feel it.

Cut through the mind of us all. Lord. Cut away what’s no longer servicing us. Humble us lord. Ground us in your word that asks us to love one another as you have loved us. I love you lord. Enough to come on her and go all crazy for you to prove your point. Not mine.

Love is universal. Thank you for loves power to blow away all that needs to go, and for educating us so we can release the patterns we wish to cease. Thank you for forcing it up for release with the pouring in of your love. Thank you for cleaning this vessel of mine lord.

Help my Mama see what this means to me and will mean to her legacy as a reunited Mama with her daughter and CoMama. Thank you.

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