Max wants to meet Gramma Brown.

Max is my Boston Terrier. He’s a loving intuitive dog who thinks he is purpose in life is to lay in the laps of those he meets.

Just like me and everyone in my house here, he’s excited about the new beginning for the family. He’s so excited about seeing Chelsie Lynn again too. Just like me.

He’s really excited about meeting all the family he’s never met yet and all the kids he can chase after and love. This isn’t all about me. It’s all about us as a unit. And change is inevitable. The tide has turned and has been turned for a while now. And the waves are getting higher and higher as we say out last goodbyes to yesterday. So that we can greet this new day with open arms, ready, because we’ve processed our old here. Hopefully Mamas staying up to date. I’m not sure about everyone else. But Mama the key to all the rest getting it. So. Hopefully she getting past her upsetting feelings and shock moments. I wanted to be with her to do this part, but it does help me in my case about Adoptions need for change to voice it here fo all to glean and learn from our mistakes and successes. So. Win win. And a big success is on its way as we also adjust to the changes that started in 1963 and were delayed by a bit of a side road called Adoption. I was rerouted. I imagine Mama easy ready to face having me back then, and kind now. But I am determined and am confident she will prevail and succeed in realizing the opportunity at hand right now. She can be written down in history as being one of the first to process and fully reunite with her child after adoption. And to be one of the Mamas that has an excellent relationship with the amAdoptive Mother of her child now grown. I smell success. And my nose is pretty good. Things are feeling cleaner these days with the family energy. I feel we have turned a corner and feel a shift. My daughter confirmed that when she sent me her I Ching today. I love how God let’s me know when I’ve broken through. It’s a trickle affect and my family should be feeling an ease on this a bit.

They did not see this coming. Nor did they think there sister could be so bold as to step up to her plate at the table? How do you think our Mama would react to be treated like this? Yeah. I’m way cooler. Mama would mess you all up if you showed her this kind of disrespect? But I guess you thought living without her seemed cool? Well it was not cool. A little support from my sisterhood would be nice right now.

  • Oh Mama. Max wants to come see you. Send an invite. Let’s bury the hatchet and all just focus on changing the future for children. This does matter and when we know better we can do better by tomorrow.
  • We did our best.
  • This is the best.

That I came home is the best results. Many don’t make it in time. Many don’t go this far to do it right and completely. And I’ll know when this is complete. And a call from you will be the signal that your ready to start a new. Look at Maximo. He’s so cute. Don’t you want to love him? I trained him. So, you can see, I’m not so bad after all. He’s a sweetie. Anyway. It’s so funny. I sound very similar to Mama when I talk to my pets. It’s cracks me up.

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