As the words escape me

And find the air

Don’t hold on

Just let them fly by

As they sing their sad song

And an exciting tune

For words of hate must escape

After they have been hailed in

Let those words sing the farewell song

And don’t hold on to words long gone

Just hold onto the lessons

From the song that escapes me now

I’ve worn the gown of my Mamas shame

Now I take it off

I stand naked and proud

And shout to the world

You didn’t keep me down

And God brought me back around

To settle the score

My Mama’s not a whore,

Like the story before

But you can hold onto that one

And it’s best that you do

Cuz now Mama knows what you said to me

While she wasn’t looking

She trust a System, thankfully into the hands of God

And God trained her daughter to make it right

For her

And me

And we

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