Don’t even tell me.

It just cracks me up! Like I don’t watch these everyday. But when I feel lead to, it’s like God taking to me, everywhere. I have such a deep trust in God guiding me through life. Without Mama, I had to trust God with everything. Including her. And it appears to me? That this is what God wants for she and I, but Mama seems to need some convincing? Maybe her faith has been sagging from lack of exercise? Don’t forget to spiritually exercise Mama?

You can’t block God silly. You blocked! Not me! Boom! Take that one! And go to your Knees. I never got off mine! You dare to stand in the way of what God joined together? And birthed from you? Home and family! Yes. Authenticity. Yes. Truth. Yes. Ugly. Ok. Get it out so the good times can flow, block! You show it by what you have done to stop this exchange between us.

I discard the old garment before you here. As a child washed in the blood. I show you my humanity, we all are walking a human life as spirits here, birthed from the breath of God.

I hope I’m getting through and the channels clearer now. I would like to speak to you. Is forgiveness something you are able to do? I’ve forgiven you. But the world needs to know how to do better. Your part of this story. I won’t cut you out. I learned your lesson. You can’t cut Mama out.

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