Strange? Like I am shocked!

Let the sound of my shock ring that we even can read this? And that someone was in a human catalog? That’s for organizational sake? Humans? In catalogs like seeds?

This is what I want folks to freakin look at!! 👆👆👆👆👆We need to stop the train!✋✋✋✋

What did she write again? I’m having a hard time reading that and believing she was the commodity of the day? Her life is worth more than that? God sent to who God wanted to be her Mama. Why did society fail this mission? Again and again?

Are you seriously going to even try to argue with a survivor of this kind of legal human trafficking? You need to know exactly what you did to us! So pay attention and listen up!

We the grown commodities have a few things we want you to see, hear and feel. So you can learn what we learned and how it felt to be a commodity that no where does it say that we are? And yet this goes on still? It’s time to grow up and learn about the natural laws we break when children are moved for no reason stated in any code book or bible was how we should do it? No where does any wise book say give your babies away and make money doin it?

The laws of the land conflict with natural laws!

One natural law is law of attraction. Like attracts to like. Placing children away for their clan causes our natural attraction to who we are like to go into overdrive! As mine clearly are at this time. I am very triggered right now and feeling my birth energy very keenly. I feel this energy is driving me to speak and to be heard. A perception change is due. I wish to be at the front lines to usher this needed perception change in. I’m done with white washed ideas pulled from thin air and I want to see truth and a world that reflects that knowledge and a work that is diligently doing something to change this for children all over the planet. That would make me feel way better. My soul came here to feel this with full force and to report my findings. I’ve given my report with the energy I received these hard earned truths. You can’t call all of us crazy. Trillions and bazillions of us! Silent for now, but not for long. Let it ring. Let it ring! Our time has come to tell everyone. Especially Mama. She deserves to get it from me first. I owe her that. Not even if it hurts, but, because I know where it hurts and this is the only way to make it better. Pay it forward. It stops with us Mama. The world will support us now. I am making sure of it! Let not one put asunder what God brought together within you, birthed her and now is grown. I’ve got your back. I’ll make it better. And leave this world wiser. My grand babies deserves that. We need to love kids and keep them connected to the trees they came from as long as we can. Moms matter and they have lessons to teach. I want my lessons from Mama too. Especially. I don’t want to miss a lesson and hope it’s going to be more fun than this? Anyway. This is personal and can not be separated again from my Mama. This is about Mama. To me. She matters. And that should not be a shame on this not working? If anything it shows the resilience of humans being able to adapt and yet a connection to Mother stays strong. My hearts beat because of hers. I feel that kind of homage deeply towards a her contribution for me. I don’t know about anyone else? I do t think I could have made it. My body took a huge hit. I felt it very this most deeply. Like being thrown into a cyclone. I had good days. But it seemed to come back around again and again and knocked me on my ass over and over. I came clean because my body just could not hold it in any longer. It was killing me. And I want to live beyond reporting this and helping change come. And I want my inner self to calm down. It’s been very nerve racking to go here, but when it’s time to clean? I clean. Toothbrush and toothpicks and bleach of truth. The sucker punch that hit Mamas just now being felt. She’s been numb too. And all jammed up inside and wishing it would go away too. I GOT YOUR BACK Mama!! I know I’mCrazy. But I get it done! Xo

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