Message me..

Am I coming in clear? I want to hear from those of you that see what I am working on showing people? Adoption is the topic.

And your stories matter I regards to change. Think about sexual harassment and abuse? Look at how woman come together to expose this practice of some men. This is our time to come together, not to damn what was provided, but to take a moment and be in this moment and ask ourselves some questions.


With the amount of Adoptees coming out and speaking up that they felt differently than what Adoption promises, and Implies it can promise something with little support for it truly to be better. We prove that. I went home. Many others have gone home as well. It’s natural and needs to be planned for.

But that’s the thing?

Yesterday didn’t plan for today now did it?

Oh Lord forgive us for what we do not see ahead of us. Help us see beyond us to tomorrow. Give people eyes like you’ve give me lord. Help us overcome our thoughts that are not in love. Allow people to see themselves in me as I show them how to be vulnerable and know that grace has my covered. Thank you Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother. Amen


Do you want to go home? Do you want to finally be supported to be with your Mama and family?

And for us all to work in doing that?

Let’s reverse this tide!! With equal and opposite force our truth brings the balance needed about this vital issue of beginnings. Better beginnings better everything!

So message me! Let’s talk and get started!

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