I tried to tell ya Mama

I tried to tell my Mama what was coming. And that I was being called to speak my truth to make this better for children. I told her it was not possible for me to back off reporting how it felt growing up like this.

When God calls you to give your report, you just don’t make the same mistake as your Mama and hit the snooze button if life on God again. It’s not fun showing your Mama what was missed. And it no fun we she does not take it well. And her response is really telling if what I felt like now in reverse.

And this is not for her anymore. This report is for history to see what has happened while everyone was sleeping and Adoption ran off with the bag of children. We are grown now. And now you have to hear and read about how it went? If you don’t want to hear it? To bad.

We the children can now at long last speak. No ones going to stop us now. Rejection can’t get us now as we accept ourselves and do this vital self care by standing up for ourselves. You all didn’t.

People each day are making this decision in ignorance of the consciences to their child and don’t realize, their child will come back and ask them why. And that it and they matter. Adoption just makes it ok for parents to tank and it really ruins our parents reputations being lead around like sheep like this.

I mean Adoption is blind and leading our parents blindly if they have not done the research about how we felt? This is not professional at all. My Mama made this decision without my father even knowing. My Dad took the news way better than see did. But my Dad knew he was human. My Mama? Well she thinks she bullet proof. We will see if she comes out unscathed. I didn’t.

I told her that the family would be exposed. And that I could not turn back and that we needed to come together in unity. She’s so turned around that she could not even see this coming. Why in the hell would I be quiet? After 55 years and a messed up reunion that my Mama was not prepared for? Seriously. Is this how Adoption does it? Because from what I have experienced for 25 years of reunion? It sucks when your Mama told a line of bull and believes what she was told over what her own daughter says happened.

This kind of practice must stop. It is very cruel and hurtful to leave the children in such a pigeon hole to have to climb out of. And it makes the children the bad guys for telling the truth that Adoption did not and still does not see. That’s why we need to speak up. So our truth can drive this mad hatter idea out of the mind of an ignorant world.

My Mama knew she had a baby. And she gave her away. But she forgot who I came from. She forgot herself in me. By the look of how she reacted towards me? She would not have done better than me, being me. She would have been readopted and torn apart again and again. She’s not taking it well which proves Adoptions got some pretty big flaws.

My Mama does not like mistakes. Neither do I. She felt I was a mistake. Now she sees who the real mistake is. Adoption cures nothing and only extends the time of having to deal with it, which compounds the issue due to lack of an educated Mass of people who are involved in this three ring circus.

Now my Mamas got to deal with her daughter and what happened to her while she was away at the blissful adoption camp. She could have cleaned her mind up and kept me and seen the blessing of me. But now has to go back and reduce it all and deal with all that Adoption taught me. She did not expect that. It was just so easy back in the ignorant days. Those days are gone. I was schooled early in ignorance the day she did this to us.

Now I work to right the wrong done to us all by removing kids and not helping folks see children differently. The child should not have to pay any longer and should be a protected mammal. My Mama actually thought she was protecting me. She now knows she did not. She exposed me to a world without her and made me face it alone. And that’s not cool. No. It’s not.

And I for one am not going to allow this to continue. Even if it means my own Mama won’t ever speak to me. I am committed to the future now. I am committed to making alit better for another child, hopefully all children.

I find more and more Adoptees each day on Twitter. And our numbers are growing as more of us speak up. I want my sisters and brothers to find me and to find strength in speaking our truth so we, the ones affected can make this world like the world should have been for us.

So my Mama can stay where she is and keep her stand. Or she can join me to make it better.

Thanks for diving deep with me today

God bless.

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