They say if you can see it

You can have it. I dreamed this morning Mama and Mama Jean met. I dreamed it happening. So I can have it. Sounds silly? Well, I believe. And I needed that dream to keep going. It’s been so long I’ve dreamed this dream. To see it in my dreams happen was so real.

  • Mama came, she just showed up and sat next to me. Then Mama Jean walked in and came over to Mama to meet her. I waved at Angela to take the picture, but she miss understood me and missed the shot.
  • I was crying. And upset I missed the moment on film to put with all my other memories of my journey. And it was at that point, that I was sobbing, that everyone realize how much this meant to me.
  • Then I woke up. My Mama looked good.

Thank you Lord. For that dream. Manifesting this has been so difficult and it’s now the last leg of it. I need to encouragement. They met in my dreams!! Like I saw it! I felt it!

Wow. This life is full of surprises. Lord. Thank you.

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