The actual meet up is going to be way better

Because I did this work here first. It takes much work to reunite with your own Mama after a life as a child within a closed Adoption. It’s like coming out of the dark to let others out of the dark.

With the light of truth to guide us all. We will all do well being informed. The pre-meet up is always the hardest part as you get everyone ready and clean up all that’s not serving us anymore and say goodbye to the ideas that just don’t help us.

The time has come to lay down the fairytales and get to making some memories we want to keep. The old has been outgrown for a while. And it time to live like we are now. Family. Reunited. Restored.

I am grateful God lead this woman to follow me. I needed to receive encouragement from a Mama like mine to help me keep going.

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