Growing up Adopted taught me.

You can’t run from yourself.

Not can you trust anyone, but god and yourself.

Sounds harsh.

It doesn’t mean you don’t like people or love them.

It’s just means you trust God and yourself first.

People let each other down.

Mama let me down.

But God took me up and kept me safe.

Until it was time for God to take me back home.

Adoption was no vacation.

Adoption was schooling.

In humanities.

And it pushed me, and forced an expansion of my DNA

Being Adopted made me change my mind that Mama gave me around to see it differently than she imagined. Or could from her now limited vantage point. What they said was wrong.

Her girls bad and told her the lies.

Now. She’s got to do something new.

Growing up Adopted taught me.

There’s no place like home.

Home is in my heart

That is filled with memories of the one I came from

I’ve thrown out what I no longer need

Which is the pain I felt being separated from you.

I held onto as much of you as I could.

Much of it was pain.

I came back to help you heal it

The last part.

With me.

I’ve been praying for us for years.

So has God

This is part of our destiny

Do not continue. Being angry at me, god, or yourself. The point is my love woven into my message. Did you find them sprinkled along the way? My love is there. God’s Love is there.

You know what it feels like with you and me Mama? It’s like we got split at the hip and my part was born and moved away for a while. The connection I have with you I will no longer deny. It’s part of my truth.

You are this deep. This is how much piled on top of it. This is how much it stoked my love. This is me burning it in front of the world! Throwing it all into the wind stamped forgiven. I did not want you to miss another thing that I do. You’ve missed so much. But we can make more. I am not done. Just done with whatever that was.

Energy from days gone by, come back to leave the lesson, tears roll down, changes my expressions, softens the blow, as I cast it to the wind, I kiss it and blow to start the procession as the holy angels take my love along the main line, I’ve called the father for help, and he heard me. I’m going home to Mama. I heard it on the main line. God told it to my heart. Now I’m telling you. Ask and God answered, I Knock and God opened the door no man could open. Seek and God helped me find my Mama. Thank you. Such a love God has for us. Love as strong, stronger than my Mama thought she has. So strong it called me home. She thought she wasn’t ready. She forgot she said she’s never let go. But I remembered and held on back, even when she tried to let go. Our bond was from heaven. It’s a God thing.

As I take my birth right back. Or show you I never really let it go and bought the great lie.

Thank you for respecting me enough not to try to fight feelings like these. Thank you for being my witness. This was my greatest challenge growing up. The challenge I faced each day with a smile too, meeting Mama, and clearing this all up. So I can just get on with being a blessing.

Thanks World for stopping by and hearing my Sad song. I’ve got way more better number coming. My muse is my Mama in this world if you haven’t notice and God agrees.
or i would not have gotten this far.

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