You know, when you talk to God about your mama all the time, God talks back to you. Sometimes God has good things to say, and sometimes God has hard things to say. Much of what has shown me about living a life disconnected from your Mama is quite the task and I feel God shows me, through my experiencing what it feels like to be cut off from us. So twisted right? God is all and all is God.

The relationship is comparative to the relationship to Source energy and how source energy feels when we cut it off like Mama cut me off. Its profound to be in a body who’s body is to record data experienced and to grow up so turned around to find herself on some stage, dragging her Mama up with her to show the world something extraordinary.

Love. Wow. God has shown me love, by taking her away from me. God has allowed me to live a life trapped in a body that has been taken from source. Gods spirit lives within us. There is not need to feel disconnected is my story. The disconnect starts in the mind and projects itself outward. We see the affects of it in our world today. People, our brothers and sister, languish in hunger, while others eat. How is this.

This story is about a woman named Linda, who’s from two Mary’s, (Jesus reference) and who had a child who’s father was not her husband (Jesus reference) and who did not keep her child, like Mary (mary reference) and who’s daughter (jesus) did not die, but lived and came home, instead of dying on a cross, she died on the road back. Not a death to eternity, but the death to a raggedy old life without source. And she completes my connection to source. Damn it. Damn the old life to hell.

I am standing up folks. No longer Adopted. Do you see me waving at you in your minds eye? I am here, waving, free to be me. I chose Mama Jean back, I had that choice to choose her or not. I chose her. Adoption is a word for separation from source. Trust and believe, I lived it. God sent me there. And God brought me back home to show my Mama what it looks like and for her to read what it felt like.

I don’t think Mama will do that again.

And neither will I.

Lord, forgive us both

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